A/N: this is the first poem in a series that will be about life, love, and the awkward situations that happen because of it. most of these poems are based off of emotions i have felt or situations I've been in. this poem is just a story that popped in my head and has not actually happened to me if you like the story please tell me. if you don't just exit out and don't say anything. remember the Golden Rule children. now please enjoy

Walking through a crowded room

People paired of talking, kissing

All alone, just me in the corner

Watching, waiting, wishing

For a miracle to occur

Then you come up to me

All by yourself

And I think you're drunk

Because you take my hand

And lead me away

From the crowd, music, life

You tell me what I want

To hear

You love me blah, blah, blah

And it hurts

Cuz I know you don't mean it

Not really

And if you did at the moment

You'll forget it in the morning

I turn and try to leave

You take my hand and say to me

"Don't go"

Me, I cry in reply because

I want this to be real so much

You take my face between

Your hands

And give me my first kiss

Tears running down both our cheeks

Because we waited so long

For no real reason, nothing but fear

I pull away and slap your cheek

Cuz you're drunk and that

Shouldn't have been my first

I walk away and go home

Full of broken pride

When I put my head on

The pillow, I whisper

"I love you so much"

The words I couldn't say

To your face all because

You were drunk