My dreams of late have been lonely. You filled them with such need such completeness and still I drove you away. You were my one, my only. Do you remember our forest and how it would burst to life? Do you remember our dancing around a silver tree my hand on your cheek you lifting me up into the air? I was scared that you were only a dream and now that dream has ended too soon perhaps too late. Now I only think of you with regret, regret that perhaps we should have simply been but now no words, no actions can mend what our decisions have caused. Still I cry every night unknowingly and I think to myself if only you were here, if we could meet…but my angel we never will so I live on in childish fantasy. I want only you but still I try to distract myself with others. Must it end? Yes, I suppose it must for it already has. I will love you always though we may never meet. Never forget you are mine, or that I'm yours.

I thought that I would be free

When I sang my solo and heard

It climb far above the trees

But I have missed your voice

That would match mine in perfect

Duet now none have heard us

And that will always be my deepest regret

Because in freedom I have become enslaved