'Nothing' Town

Mia slammed out the door and jumped the stoop down to the sidewalk, she skidded to the side just a bit due to the sleet and snow on the ground. Haphazardly she attempted to pull on her jacket as she raced down the street her heavy breathing coming out in misty huffs. Zipping up her coat she tried not to think so much of the police sirens in the distance as they became louder and louder.

Instead she tried to focus on the words spoken to her not very long ago,

'They found Jeanette…'

Mia's home town was small and boring, nothing ever happened. Ever. So of course everyone was at King's Landing, caution tape blocking off everything crowds spread about trying to get a better view as policemen, medics, and firemen tried to sort everything out. A few text messages later and Mia was able to meet up with Darnell and Victor. Victor who was hunched up in his thick jacket smirked and said, "They found your girlfriend."

A girl named Rebecca looked to Mia with a dull and superior glare. For a moment Mia paused, but she pushed away her irritability and instead said to Victor, "You're an idiot."To which he just gave a simple shrug his smirk easing away which wasn't how their usual playful banter ended but this time and moment did not allow for the usual. The four looked on with rapt attention as divers lowered into the cold waters and the nearby crane lowered its hook. Mia asked, "Is it really Jeanette?"

"It's her jeep." Darnell answered, "So it must be her."

"Who says it's her jeep?"


A heavy weight fills her from within. "Suicide…?" She breaths out in a breath of frosty mist.

Her dark gaze flashes to Rebecca who quickly looks away.

At thirteen Mia and Jeanette had become friends. Three years her senior Jeanette just had that don't-give-a-shit attitude, she smoked she drank she would skip town for weekend long parties that always ended in some crazy story. Jeanette would talk like they were both on the same level. She would pull up in her dirty yellow jeep at her school ready for an over-the-speed-limit drive through town. Smoking, drinking, talking about everything and nothing trying to kill as much time as possible so they could get out of this 'Nothing' town faster. One night Jeanette drops Mia off at home at an impossibly late hour, she smiles and says, "So long, girl!" Then she sped off into the night.

That was two years ago. No one had seen or heard from her since. It took a few weeks for Mia to learn of Jeanette's abusive home life and the bullying that went on at her school. It was then she realized that besides herself, no one else seemed to hang out with Jeanette. One day in the hallway she passes by Rebecca and her clique just as the haughty girl says, "Mia hung out with her all the time. You'd think she'd of known more about the psycho or the fact that she would just up and disappear!"

Now standing on the snowy banks next to the overcrowded dock Mia wanted to cry. What had she missed? They hear the crane clanking as it pulls up from the murky depths the divers climb to the shore telling everyone to back up. The boys moved closer to get a better look which Mia is grateful for because she can't stop the tears from falling. She is only briefly aware of Rebecca's words next to her, "Look at them crowding around like the circus just came to town. Don't these people have jobs? Is there seriously nothing else to do?"

Mia sniffs and wipes quickly at her wet cheeks. There is silence between the two before Rebecca speaks again. "Don't beat yourself up."

Mia looks to her then and for the first time in a long time Rebecca looks to her without a look of superiority. Mia says, "What if…you know it…it could be…like foul play?"

Because then it wouldn't be her fault.

"Maybe." Rebecca said as she eyed the crane, the water's surface bubbled up and the very first signs of a dirty yellow jeep emerged. "Maybe she just left. It's not like anyone would blame her if she did."

Sometimes this 'Nothing' town would feel like a barrier. Sometimes you forgot there was a world outside of it. With excitement on her lips Jeanette would tell Mia of all the great places she would go, of all the fun places outside this town.

They now had the yellow jeep pulled out. Everyone crowded as close as possible waiting, anxious for what investigators would find inside. As the two girls watched the chaos unfold before them Mia softly spoke, "Nothing ever happens in this town."

Examiners pried open the yellow door.