Chapter 1-

Sometimes being the only one with an ability left that hasn't been swooped up by The King scared me. A lot.

My name is Calida. I'm 16 years of age, and my parents were killed in front of me at the age of 9 because they hoarded food. Technically they were just saving up to make an escape out of the country, and the guards found out before we could. But these are crimes. Hoarding and trespassing are both punishable by death.

I lived with my best friend Silent and his family until I was 13. After that, I got a job planting in the gardens and could pay for myself.

And so I live in a tiny farming town, in a tiny hut, in the plains of the colossal country, Sierra. It's a tough time, for my people. Not just my town, but all who are not rich, or in the kingdom itself. We're the lowest of the low, "pond scum" as the guards put it as I walk past them every day. I guess you could say that for any civilization that walked the planet before us, and will walk after. The King's rein isn't making it any easier. He adds to the lower class's suffering by taxing them, to the extreme.

Most of us don't live until 30. We likely die, or are trialed for crimes that most likely didn't commit. The guards say it's 'weeding out the bad ones', but I just think it's population control.

A sound of people crowding jolt me from my thoughts. I walk outside to discover the entire town gathered by the fountain.

The fountain is a center for us. It's where we celebrate weddings, revel in a birth, or mourn a death.

By the fountain is a group of the King's Protectors.

'Hmm... What are those idiots doing here?' Prideful beings that sheltered and shadowed the King's every move, and they would show up here.

I swallowed, suddenly oxygen-deprived. They couldn't have found out….?

We would see. I strode to the edge of the crowd. They whispered uneasily. The last time Protectors came, we had to farm for a month without pay because of a murder of a guard.

They were on horses, beautiful black animals that could feed a family for 2 months. Yea, we ate horse meat.

But there was one different horse that caught my eye. Instead of a midnight coloring, it was white as, well, snow. Atop it was a young looking man, had to be my age. Dark hair that covered his forehead and the greenest eyes you could imagine. He reminded me of a raven, and someone else vaguely familiar…

And judging by the rest of the villagers, they did too. "It's Beta! That's him!"

My mouth got very dry, and I took a step back, bumping into Papa Dan. "Watch it Kid," He said with a twinkle in his eye, and steadied me. Papa Dan was like a father to me. But I wasn't in the mood for talking, and turned back around.

Beta? The King had three sons, Hayden, Nickolas, and Beta, the youngest. I've never seen them, or the King, but pictures of them are all around the town, warning us to "behave" like we are five. The sons are evil and deadly. Especially Beta. Apparently when he tortures you, he rips the skin off of your face and then boils it (your face) in hot water. Or that might just be a rumor.

He addressed the crowd with an aura of confidence. "I am 3rd son of King Irone. He sent me to rely a message: Anyone who has information regarding the Dragon Spirit must turn it in. Failing to do so will result in fierce, fierce, consequences." He put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

I froze at the name of the Dragon Spirit, but relax and grin. No one would dare think about betraying the Dragon Spirit. The Dragon Spirit was a god to them. A way out of the hell they were living in.

Beta sweeper his eyes around the crowd, and they stop on me.

I am still smirking.

"Something funny peasant?" He looked at me with disgust written on his handsome face.

I did something suicidal, but something I would never regret. He angered me so much, coming here, when our lives weren't already crappy without this burden. My smirk deepened. "Not at all princess."

Laughing in the distance. Probably Silent.

Beta's eyes get all wide, and he stepped down from the stallion. The crowd parted for him, like a sea.

"I think you know something." He leaned down and whispered to me.

"And I think you need to brush your teeth. Stinkkkkky!" I wrinkled my nose at him. Actually, his breath smelled good, minty and fresh, like the cold winter air, but I would insult him any way I could.

Beta's face flushed and he rose his hand, bringing it down at an impossible speed.

Instinct kicked in, and I rolled to the left, sprang up, prepared for a fight if necessary.

I looked behind me, and then back at him. "You missed." I said confused. Then I leered at him.

Beta cocked his head like he didn't understand how his hand would miss such an easy target, and started forward again.

This time though, a horse blocked his path. Its rider glanced down at the prince. "If you are so done, sire." He said snootily. "We have 4 other villages to attend to. As the royal councilor of wisdom and battle techniques I would advise it if you would not play soldier with a street rat"

Beta nodded stiffly and walked back to his horse. Before they rode out, he flashed me a look that said, "This isn't over."

After 10 seconds of quietness, everyone parted their ways. Some looked at me with awe, and others looked at me with distaste.

It didn't matter to me. I was already mad enough. Not helping my rising fury, Silent came bounding towards me. "No way. You just insulted Beta. Beta! You are the most crazy girl. Ever. In the history of-"
"Girls," I sighed,"Yea, I got it. I just can't help it. Stupid royals telling us what to do. Living the good life while we're down here in hell.

We continued to walk back to my hut. "Yes, and I'm developing a theory…."

"You want to die."

I rolled my eyes. "Silent, I've got to get ready."
He sobered immediately. "Right. Be careful, ok? Come back safe."

"Don't I always?!" I yell, running away from him, into my living quarters. He just shook his head smiling.

I retreated to the far end of the shack, and crawled under my bed. There was a black suit with a dragon mask, and two double edged swords.

I am the Dragon Spirit.

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