For Olivia

"I swear, if you do not get your butt down here this instant, I will go up there and throw you down the stairs!" Valeria yelled.

"Will you- just hold on a second!" Olivia shouted back.

"I've been waiting for an hour now! What the hell are you doing up there anyway?" Valeria screamed, her temper running low.

Olivia sighed, purposely taking longer than she should to irritate her friend. "I'm getting ready! Calm down, I need this to be perfect!"

"HURRY UP!" Valeria said, and with one last shriek slammed the door and rushed off towards the car.

Olivia looked around her room, trying to find the object that would complete her outfit. She stopped short when her eyes reached a small alcove by her bead and something shiny caught her eye. It was a small, emerald pendant.

"Finally!" she said, exasperated.

She bounded down the stairs and practically knocked the door off its hinges in her eagerness to get to Barnes and Noble, forgetting her earlier dismissal of her friend's persuasion for her to hurry up.

Olivia had been saving up her money for months, collecting spare change, allowance money, and paychecks for this one day in which she would allow herself to indulge in her two favorite pastimes- shopping and reading. She had saved a total of $1,236. But don't let that fool you! She'd been working her ass off for nearly a year to earn all that cash!

She was planning on buying as many books as she wanted and if she still had money left over, she would wander off to Forever 21 and buy some much needed clothes.

Valeria had also been saving up and that was the biggest part of why she'd agreed to drive her friend Olivia to the mall and spend the day with her. If not, she'd never have willingly done all this for her seeing as she would be dying inside from wanting everything she couldn't have.

They were both practically jumping in their seats in excitement of the day ahead of them. They had been planning on doing this for a long time and had both made lists of everything they needed to buy. Like John Green books…

"Why is looking for an available parking space such a hassle on the weekends?" Valeria wondered aloud.

"Because rich people can afford to do this every weekend, as well as taking a day off school to fly to New York in their private jets for a shopping spree," Olivia answered.

"Thanks for reminding me on why I hate the majority of the population of the people that live here," Valeria said.

"Valeria, have you considered where we live? What did you expect?"

"That doesn't mean that they have to rub their stupid high-end-makeuped faces in our business! Or that they feel compelled to tote their Gucci purses instead of normal backpacks to school," she muttered.

"High-end-makeuped faces? Really? Honestly, I'd expect you to be above this!" Olivia replied curtly.

Olivia jerked forward, unaware that the car was stopping.

"You really should wear your seatbelt," Valeria suggested.

"You really should wear your seatbelt," Olivia mimicked.

"Ugh, you are so immature."

Valeria jumped out of her seat and for the second time that day, slammed the door.

"You really shouldn't slam doors," Olivia said after hopping down from her seat and closing the door without so much as a thud.

"It's my car," Valeria answered.

They walked silently across the street and stopped when they reached the entrance of their favorite book store.

"Home sweet home," Olivia whispered, looking around her with wide eyes and an astonished expression at seeing all the new novels they had added.

Olivia had always been one of those people. The people who like books better than people. The kind who fell in love with fictional characters. The kind that likes fantasy and fiction better than reality. That was one of the reasons why Valeria had become a close friend easily. They had sparked a friendship in the blink of an eye when she had brought up a beloved book, the Fault in Our Stars. They shared all the same interests and understood each other greatly.

Lost in her thoughts while skimming through a passage in said book, TFIOS, Olivia didn't notice the handsome young man that had made his way towards her while she was browsing through the teen section.

She brought her head up slowly, only to find that he was looking at her with an intense gaze and a smirk. His shockingly vibrant blue eyes seemed to penetrate through her mind, resting on her thoughts. He brought up his arm that Olivia now noticed was holding something. It was the same book she was holding!

"So, you're an Augustus Waters fan, are you?" he asked her cheekily.

Olivia couldn't seem to find her voice. It really wasn't usual for immensely attractive guys to go up to her and start a conversation.

"I- uh- yeah," she croaked out.

"Me too. I'm actually a big fan of John Green's work." He smiled. "Have you read 'Looking for Alaska'? It's a masterpiece," he said in awe.

"No, that's actually one of the books I came to buy," Olivia said, and before she knew it, other words-her plan- were spilling out of her mouth too.

The boy whistled. "Wow. One thousand buck-a-roos. I came with the same intention. I didn't know that I'd run into a lovely girl too."

Olivia blushed.

He held out his hand for her to shake. "Hi, I'm Augustus."

Olivia was star struck. Her mind was racing miles a minute and the only coherent thought that she could make was that he was not the real Augustus. That she was sure of.

She stuck out her hand in a daze and shook his cautiously. "Hi, I'm Olivia…"

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not the actual Augustus. My last name isn't even Waters, its Kapunchetti. I also don't have an amputated leg and I'm not dying. Hope I didn't spoilt anything for you… On a brighter note, I am a lot like him!"

Olivia honestly didn't know what to think. He was clearly a nice boy.

"Good to know," she finally said.

"Do you, by any chance, want to get some coffee?" he asked her.

A little late she replied, "Uhm, s-sure."

"Great! I know this really good place. If you turn around and walk for about four yards, then go up some stairs, we'll be right there!" he said.

He was talking about the mini Starbucks in the center of the store.

Olivia laughed but followed him there nonetheless.

After they had purchased their drinks-two tazo passion teas- they sat down at a small, circular table and started talking. Olivia had all but forgotten her friend who had come with her on a mission to find great pieces of literature until the bounced up the steps and stood directly above them and glared menacingly at Olivia.

"Hi," Olivia whimpered.

"Hello," Valeria said forcefully, still seething at being left all alone for what seemed like hours.

Their silent eye-conversation was broken suddenly when a "Hiya!" came from Augustus's side of the table.

Valeria hadn't even seen him in her fit of rage that when he spoke, she was startled to say the least. "Oh, hello…" she said, he anger diminishing.

"I was just telling Olivia here how Perks of Being a Wallflower truly captured the essence that is teenage life. I'm Augustus Kapunchetti. Who might you be?"

Valeria was just as star struck as Olivia had been upon meeting him as well. "Valeria. It's a… pleasure. But, if you don't mind, I was kind of on a quest with my dear friend Olivia when she decided to leave."

"I'm so sorry, Olivia didn't mention that she had someone waiting for her. Would you like to sit down?" he asked.

"No thank you," Valeria muttered, standing in her place. "So, what have you guys been talking about for the past two hours?" she questioned curiously.

"We've been discussing books and movies and all that jazz. The great world of entertainment," Augustus answered.

"That sounds lovely but I'll be off now. Have fun, but remember to meet me outside at our rendezvous spot in a few hours Olivia," Valeria said.

Olivia, who had not said a word this whole time, looked up at her friend. "Well who else is gonna take me home?"

"You could always walk the ten miles," Valeria replied evilly.

"I'd rather fly. Mind lending me your broom?" Olivia asked.

Then the two girls burst out laughing. It had always been like this. They both knew that neither of them meant what they said. Augustus, however, was lost.

"How do you two do that?" he quizzed.

"Do what?" they both asked at the same time, smiling.

"Never mind," he said, stringing out the word longer than necessary.

"I'll be off now. Seriously though, don't forget or I'll kill you!" Valeria said brightly.

And with that, she exited the book store carrying multiple, heavy bags filled to the brims with books.

"Well, she was…" Augustus started.

"Weird," Olivia finished. "She's always like that."

He laughed a beautiful melodic sound that Olivia hardly counted as a laugh and looked at her again.

"You're really pretty, you know?" he stated suddenly.

Olivia blushed again. This day just kept on getting weirder and weirder. "Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome. So, care to discuss reasons on how the Great Gatsby was one of the best books ever written?"

"I'd love to," she said, smiling softly.