This is my very first upload on this website. I hope you enjoy it. It a little(subjective) poem that I wrote to release stress XD Don't get too depressed over it okay, I will feel really bad if you do get depressed over it lol, so enjoy it and please comment. I really want comments so I know what to improve, or what i'm doing right. :D

Don't be silly, you may not understand me now, but in time you will.

I am one who many do not seem to understand, that is something that I ponder upon may times.

I never get an answer.

I am independent it seems,

a variable that others rely on to change.

It doesn't matter, if I change, the world around me seems to change also.

But, what will happen when me, the controlled variable, is left alone, with no variable relying on me?

Will I then become the dependent variable in this world's twisted experiment called life?

The sick feeling of being imperfect, and the obligation of trying to perfect what's not perfect.

That will have to wait it seems, for when one as imperfect as I exists in this world, nothing will be perfect.

In my eyes, the world is upside down.

It's those who want to be perfect that have done that.

I will not admit that though.

I am a strong variable that no one will be able to change.

I rely on no one, stand on my two feet that I have planted firmly at the ground of which I stand on.

No one will move me as long as I have the will power to stay here.

No one.

No one at all.

No one until this world comes to an end, or when I cannot stand anymore.

When that time comes, like Atlas, I shall forcefully hold myself up with the weight of life on my shoulders.

No one will defeat me,

and no one will take over my responsibility that I have taken for myself.

That is that, and with that I shall begin my duty.

My duty is one commonly shared by those who believe.

I shall never give up hope, and I will succeed in finding the only one capable of moving my feet off this ground, the only one I will rely on.

The love of my life.