Chapter 1:

Hazel couldn't remember what the sun looks like.

As he lay there looking at the cold concert ceiling he can't help but try to remember what it felt like to have the rays of warmth dance on his finger tips. He would imagine that it would be delightful and bright; he could almost hear the laughter of children

It amused Hazel greatly at the thought and just looking at him one would think he was at peace.

It was the most deceiving picture one could imagine as they looked at his little smile, one could almost say that everything was okay but then they would zoom out from his pretty face. They would see everything around him and the once peaceful picture was suddenly turned into something much more sinister.

The room was wall to wall of heavy concert and the one free wall was blocked off by a heavy metal chain linked door. The floor was bare and cold. The only furniture in the room was a mattress on the floor and a small toilet in the comer. There were a few blankets on the bed but not nearly enough to keep the February cold out. Next to the toilet sat a water bottle and some toilet paper.

Most would say it was almost barbaric to actually keep someone in there for any period of time but for Hazel it had been home to him for as long as he could remember. Ironically Hazel actually considered this paradise to everything else and if he was allowed, he would gladly spend all his time here.

Hazel loved letting his imagination run wild as he waited for his 'masters' to come back. His 'masters' were of course the people that kept him in this cage; they always came at four hour intervals to make sure he was okay.

Hazel knew they really didn't care if he was okay but were instead coming to make sure he didn't escape but Hazel preferred to think of it the other way. It made it easier to go through his life. Though he wasn't sure anymore how much of a life this was anymore and how much it was him.

After so many years he had learned the rules -

1. Don't speak unless spoken to

2. Obey direct commands without question

3. Make everything up to 'their' standers

4. Any idealism created or thoughts of your own should be thrown aside in prefrence to 'theirs'

5. Any emotion shone when not wanted will be punished immeditly.

6. Anything asked to do will be done on a strict time schedule

If any of the rules were not followed or disobeyed extreme punishment will be dealt out and that was something Hazel dreaded most out of everything.

The heavy clunks of shoes on the stairs had Hazel sitting up straight. By the sound Hazel could already tell that it was 'Papa' coming to get him to do his chores. Of course there really names were never given to Hazel but instead names had been assigned for him to use.

Papa was a big man, reaching nearly 6' 3 and 220 pounds. He had broad shoulders and muscles that told anyone he worked out regularly. Papa was the head of the family and insisted Hazel call him Papa as some weird, sick fetish he had.

There were only two other people that came to him and those were Mama and N.

Mama was also a big person. She didn't have an inch of fat but at 5' 9 she towered over Hazel. She had a mean streak that made her scarier then Papa would ever be. Hazel only ever saw her on weekends as she worked during the week days. Though there was the occasional time she would come see Hazel during the week.

D was an interesting character and was the one Hazel was scared of the most. D had a very quiet disposition and calm manner that drew people to him. He was extremely cocky, confident and sadistic. What scared Hazel the most was that D liked to watch and when he wasn't happy he became violent. He was only 5'7 and probably 16 but when fueled by his rage he was a bigger threat then someone twice his size.

There was one more person of the family but she didn't have a name. She wasn't like the rest and because of that the family did everything in their power to keep Hazel away from her. She would be the one to call the police if she found out about him.

Big worker boots stopped in front of the metal door. Hazel was up and standing were he should before Papa even got the key out to open the door. The door opened with a creek but Hazel didn't even move to get out of his small prison.

Papa stepped forward, to close to be natural, and pulled Hazel even closer by his hair. So close that Hazel could smell the peanut butter and jelly that Papa had for breakfast. Papa's nose ran up Hazel neck and Papa tongue came out to lick a strip up to Hazel ear.

It took everything in Hazel power, even with having years to get use to this, to not shudder in disgust.

"Beautiful as always, Kitty" Papa spoke

Kitty was the name given to him when he had gotten Papa's name. Hazel stood completely still in fear of a punishment if he did something wrong. Papa's hands reached up and Hazel could feel the unmistakable leather being slipped around his neck.

When Papa was done he stood back to admire his work, something he always did as he said his favorite image of Hazel was with a collar on.

This collar wasn't a normal collar, it was a shock collar that was normally used only on dogs but I guess in a way Hazel did view himself as a dog. The collar was to prevent him from getting to close to the windows or leaving through the front door.

The moment the collar would go off a large, painful electric shock was sent to Hazel neck and a message was sent to Mama's and Papa's phones. He had tried once because Hazel had wanted to see the sun. He kept thinking 'if I could just move the blinds back a little bit'. The shocks were so painful that even hours after, Hazel couldn't move.

The pain was unbearable with the shocks alone but the punishment was 20 times worse.

Ever sense then Hazel had learned his lesson and never went even close to the perimeter of the house. Hazel followed Papa up out of the dank basement and into the slightly lit house.

The house was huge and well furnished showing off just home much money Papa and Mama had. Hazel had always suspected that there job moved into the more illegal aspects but he would dare voice his thoughts.

Hazel would guess he zoned out because the next moment a hand came flying up and hit him across the cheek, hard. The quickness and suddenness of it gave Hazel little chance to prepare or brace himself for it. The force was enough to knock him backward and into the wall.

Papa hand came to grab Hazel neck pull him up. Hazel was terrified as the hand closed around his neck and he stared into those cold dark eyes. Papa didn't say anything but he didn't have to as Hazel could see it in his eyes

How dare you zone out on me, you bitch

The moment Hazel started feeling the effects of no oxygen was the moment that Papa let him drop to the floor. The moment his feet touched the ground they collapsed on him and his coughs raked up his sore thought causing more pain.

Papa wasn't done yet. He pulled Hazel head and in effect making him stand up. Papa made Hazel look at him before he slammed his lips to Hazel. Hazel knew better then to try and push Papa away from him. He had been through this so much that now he was only a well-trained dog.

When Papa's tongue came out and pressed to Hazel lips, Hazel opened them immediate. It made him shudder with disgusted as Papa's tongue nearly mauled his mouth.

When Papa finally let go a stand of saliva connected their lips. Papa smirked at whatever expression Hazel had and then left. No words were exchanged but that made it better for Hazel as he preferred not to talk.

The moment Papa was out of sight Hazel rubbed his lips off in some sort of attempt to rub of the filth of the man away. He felt disgusted and dirty, to the point he wished to throw up but he couldn't as he had to get a move on it or else his chores wouldn't be done before Papa came to check on him at noon.

The floors needed to be done first.

Hazel got out a brush and a bucket, filling the bucket up with hot soapy water Hazel began to wash all the tile and hard wood flooring by hand. The water was so hot it burned his hands slightly but he forced himself to continue with his work.

He moved slowly, move slowly than usual as his body hurt in more places than he ever thought imaginable. Last night Mama, Papa and D decided that they needed to have a party and Hazel ended up being the main entertainment for the night.

It disgusted Hazel that there were so many people out there that were as sick and perverted as his 'family' was.

The party had trashed the place and Hazel had been forced to, after all the beatings, to clean up the majority of it last night. Today was just the main stuff like picking up beer bottles and cups everywhere, doing the dishes, cleaning the floors and counters, vacuuming and getting any spills out of the carpet, changing all the bedding, cleaning everyone's rooms, cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, wiping the base boards down, doing the laundry and finally making everyone's lunch.

All this would be done before 12, just under 4 hours.

There would be no exceptions to the rule, as with any other rule and failure to follow would bring on a harsh punishment. It was something that Hazel avoided at all cost.

The time was nearing 11 when someone opened the door, scaring the life out of Hazel. Looking over Hazel saw it was Papa and panicked as he had yet to make lunch or finish all his chores. Papa was early.

Hazel rushed to get downstairs and greet Papa like he had been told to do.

The moment he was in front of Papa a fist slammed forward hitting Hazel right in the jaw. Hazel fell to the floor with the force behind the punch. The stinging was immediately and even after all this time Hazel was still very sensitive to pain. Papa dragged Hazel up by his shirt and held him eye to eye with him.

"Where is my lunch, you dirty whore?" Papa asked in an eerily calm voice that had shivers running up Hazel back

"I-I-I'm s-sorry, yo-u-ur early s-so I h-haven't m-m-made it yet" Hazel stuttered out knowing that Papa would take no mercy on him.

Papa threw Hazel to the floor in a flourish. The fall making Hazel call out in pain as he landed on his knees. To distracted in trying to ease the pain in his knees Hazel didn't see the fist coming. Once they started coming they didn't stop.

Hazel couldn't tell you how long it was before Papa's anger was eased enough for him to stop hitting him but it felt way to long. Papa grabbed Hazel by the hair again and dragged him down the stairs, causing even more pain as Hazel couldn't stand or walk properly with how Papa was holding him.

Papa dragged him pass his normal 'room' and to a room even further out of sight. It was a room that Hazel was very familiar room - The Punishment Room.

Papa pulled him over to the wall where he had Hazel stand up straight. Pulling his hands up to the wall on either side of Hazel head, Papa clipped them in the heavy shackles attached there. Papa took a step back to make sure everything was where it was suppose to be and there would be no way for Hazel to escape.

Papa turned to leave without a word but then he thought of something and swung back around to face Hazel. Several more fists came but this time they were to his stomach and they hurt more than anything, especially with the thought he would have to be standing here for 4 more hours with possibly broken ribs.

When Papa deemed Hazel punished enough for now, he turned back to the door.

"Mama will be back tonight and we will continue your punishment then" Papa spoke

After that he left. Hazel could hear his boots make the journey back to the outside world from his spot on the wall. The thought of a joint punishment with Papa and Mama was really scary and nearly had Hazel crying in fear for what would come.

11 years, he had 11 years to get it right. To be the perfect person that Papa and Mama was looking for and yet Hazel couldn't do it. If only he was a little better, if only he could do better, be better but no he kept screwing up. That's why he kept being punished.

He deserved it.

They didn't ask for too much from him just to follow the rules and yet he couldn't do it, he deserved to be punished.

Hazel stood there shuffling from foot to foot trying to ease the pain on his ribs, legs and feet but nothing seemed to help. Hazel stood there for 4 hours constantly berating himself for not being good enough. Hazel probably would have pulled himself down to the lowest of lows over and over again if his 4 hours hadn't ended with the sound of the doors opening.

They where home.

The moment Hazel heard them he forgot everything but the fact he was getting a joint punishment from Mama and Papa. He didn't know if it was going to be right away or if they would make him wait more exhausting hours on his feet or worse would they send D down to check on him.

Steps sounded threw the basement as someone walked down the stairs and Hazel's worse fears were realized. The steps were too heavy to be Mama's but to light to be Papa's; leaving only one person that could be coming to see him - D.

The moment dark brown hair came into Hazel view he knew his prediction had been right. D was rocking that supposable emo look but Hazel thought it made him look ridicules, not that he would ever tell the evil boy.

"Oh, look what we have here. Did little kitty get in trouble again" D said in a sickly sweet voice that made Hazel want to gag

Hazel didn't speak nor did he dare to look into D's eyes in fear that he would lose one by simply making eye contact. Hazel never knew what D would do as he seemed to have mood swings that could rival a pmsing girl.

D came closer and grabbed Hazel's head, forcing him to look into D's eyes.

"Mmm, so cute my little kitty" D said as he licked my cheek

Hazel shivered in disgust and before he could stop himself his head recoiled from D. It was an honest mistake and a normal reaction as Hazel was terrified of D but he knew the moment he did it that it wasn't going to be good.

His whole body started shaking in fear, the adrenalin pumping threw his veins making he want to run but he couldn't run. Hazel arms were strapped to the wall and every time he moved them the harsh metal rubbed against the skin making harsh burns and sometimes bleeding wounds.

The slap that came across Hazel already bruised cheek wasn't a surprise. D pulled Hazel head to make me look at him again; the sneer on his face had Hazel shaking even more than before.

"How dare you pull away from me, your just a low life whore that can't do anything right." D snarled out

Several more hits from D in the same spot as his dad hit me earlier came. Hazel was gasping in pain and if it wasn't for the cuffs holding him up he was sure he would have fallen to the dirty floor already.

The shackles were being removed and Hazel immediately collapsed to the floor in a heap at D's feet. Hazel wasn't sure why D had let him out but he sure as hell wasn't about to question him.

"Hmmm, just looking at you like that is making me hard." D spoke rubbing himself "now be the good little slut you are and make yourself useful."

D leaned down and grabbed Hazel by his hair again and pulled him tell his mouth was right in front of D's crotch.

Hazel just wished for it to end, he was tired of everything and he didn't understand why they hadn't killed him already. They had come close but never completed the act. He was after all only a dirty whore that was only good for a fuck.

Hazel did as he was told, using his mouth to pull down D's zipper. The sound of metal on metal made Hazel wince once again disgusted with himself to the point of throwing up.

Had he really stooped this low?

That was the only thing that Hazel could think as he 'serviced' D. D grabbed the back of his head and forced Hazel to swallow all of it, Hazel gagged around it and tried to push back but the more he resisted the more D took pleasure in it.

This went on for several minutes before the footsteps of two other people coming down the stairs could be heard. Hazel didn't know what was worse - staying here and having his mouth forced around D or being beaten by Mama. Hazel would prefer neither but it wasn't his choice.

"D, that's enough" Mama's voice rung out, strong and demanding.

Mama had the scariest voice ever and though Hazel hadn't really ever heard anyone else; he would imagine it was the scariest to not only him but everyone. It was like an ice pick in the heart, stopping you cold.

D sighed as he pushed Hazel off of him, clearly annoyed that he didn't get to finish. He turned around and without even a look at the boy he was abusing he left.

"Lean over the table, kitty" Mama called out

Hazel immediately complied, not waiting this to be any more painful than it already would be. Once he was laying stomach first over the operation-like table Papa moved to tie Hazel's hands and feet to the floor. Hazel wiggled slightly but none of the tie's budged a centimeter.

Mama went to the wall full of torch devises but Hazel already knew which one she would grab as she always used it on him when he was bad.

The whip made a loud smack on the floor as Mama unraveled it. The pain that came with being wiped was excruciating. It was a pain that Hazel knew far too well as he had the scars to prove.

Clearing his thoughts Hazel prepared for the first blow as it always hurt the most. It opened up the healing wounds and created more wounds when there was now healing ones. With the first thrash Hazel was nearly screaming out in pain.

He had to bite down on his lips to keep the sounds inside but the tears fell like a waterfall. Hazel could taste the blood caused by biting down so hard on his lips as the 3rd and 4th lashing came down on him.

The pain was like nothing imaginable and something one would never get use to having.

For every bad thing he did Hazel would get 10 lashes, in this case he forgot to make lunch, didn't finish his chores and didn't make dinner for Mama to heat up when she got home. That is 30 lashes.

By the 22 Hazel was ready to pass out. Mama and Papa took turns taking hold of the whip, they talk while they did this but what they were saying was lost on Hazel. The pain drowned everything else out.

The 30th _ was called out and, even though Hazel knew it was far from over, he sighed in relief. Hazel could hear the whip being rolled up and being put back onto the wall which made him even happier.

Hazel could feel the blood rolling down his back and dripping to be soaked up in his sweats. The white shirt he was wearing was now shredded from the repeated blows.

"You know, honey, I think he needs more punishment." Papa's called to Mama with glee

"Oh, are what do you think we should do?" she asked in the same voice, taking as much pleasure as Papa was from this.

"I think he needs to be punished in a more pleasurable way." Papa said as he leaned over me, grinding his obvious erection into Hazel ass.

Hazel was about ready to pass out but he could still vaguely understand what they were saying and he managed to call out

"Please, no" Hazel whispered, pleading, begging them not to

A hit came down on his bleeding back

"I wasn't asking you" Papa said the threat of more whippings showing in his voice

Rule number 1. Don't speak unless spoken to

It amused Hazel slightly that even when on the verge of seeping into darkness he could still remember the rules but then again that just showed how much they had been drilled into him.

Hazel could faintly hear Mama and Papa kissing well Papa pulled down both Hazel's and his pants to do things that Hazel would never speak of to anyone. It was in slow motion for Hazel as he wished he could move he wished he could stop this, he wished he was better so this wouldn't be happening.

Papa moved forward

A very loud bang came suddenly from upstairs freezing both Mama and Papa in their tracks. There was shouting and Hazel could hear people running down the basement stairs. They were coming closer and closer but Hazel couldn't figure out who they were.

His brain processed things slowly and the images passing through his brain were blurred. Hazel couldn't make out anything and it frightened him that the people from last night's 'party' had come back for more.

His vision swam and black dotes began to appear in his sight.

Men in black

That was the first thing Hazel could recognize. Men covered head to toe in black clothing holding...something coming toward him. Mama and Papa were trying to run but there was no were to go from the basement. Hazel vision started to go completely black before coming back and than going black again.

Someone was touching him

That was the second thing Hazel could make out. Someone was pulling up his sweats and taking off the binds around his feet and legs. He wished to thank them but his mouth wouldn't work and suddenly he felt so tired. What if this people weren't going to help him but hurt him more?

"Please, don't hurt me" was the last thing Hazel said to the strange man holding him before he fell into complete blackness.

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