Chapter 1

"Aunt Laura!" cried Emma, "Mom and Dad are not answering the door, do you think they got kidnapped?" Emma's mother, Sarah, just gave birth to twins, Helen and Henry, so Emma stayed with her aunt for a while, who lived across the street. Emma was blind which made it hard for her to get around. Laura, not very concerned, knowing Emma was just panicking because she was not able to see what was going on, picked up the phone and dialed Sara's number. Not receiving an answer, Laura called Emma's father, John. Aunt Laura, worried because John wasn't answering his phone either, grabbed Emma by the hand and rushed to her sisters' home. After ringing the doorbell several times, they realized something was wrong. Laura, looking for the keys to her sisters' home, tried to comfort Emma telling her everything would be okay. Opening the door to Emma's house, Laura stepped inside the room and found everything in shambles. Sarah had said if they weren't home and they didn't answer their phone, there should be a note in the main room where they entered in. Laura, not seeing a note tried to hide her fear and nervousness. Eleven year old Emma asked, "Aunt Laura, does anything look different?" Laura replying nervously said, "Don't worry Emma, but I am afraid that something has happened to your parents and siblings. Emma, who was already worried, had a meltdown once again.