Chapter 5

Sarah jumped off the bed and quickly took hold of Emma and thrust her in the closet just as the door opened. She pretended to return a sweater to the closet and slowly closed the door. Although the man knew what might be going on he ignored it knowing it had to be impossible. He told them, "Your daughter is not in her room anymore." Sarah and John pretended to be startled and John put a "comforting" arm around her. The twins, who were a month old, woke up crying from the commotion. The man left a few minutes later. Sarah lay back down after telling Emma to stay in the closet from now on. Emma didn't care. "Better than being in a room by myself," she thought. The twins fell asleep again and the family slept while Emma stayed up thinking of a plan. She would wake her parents in what would feel like two hours but would actually be one hour. When the time came Emma woke her parents and grabbed the skeleton key and unlocked the door. They were able to for all the way to the front door without trouble until they realized that there was a problem. They had forgotten the twins.