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I, Chiyo Kimura, am in the middle of being mobbed. Everyday as I leave my house, it's empty. But, by the time I arrive on the streets or on the train, this happens quite often. I can understand why they would recognize me...because I'm ETERNITY's Chiyo.

A year earlier:

My first year in high school is...lonesome. The empty music room in Meika High is the only place where I can play my guitar at peace. I guess one could say I "took it over" or "conquered" it, but really I had gotten permission to use this room whenever I'd like. In this locked room, I store 1/4 of my treasures: My acoustic guitar. It's the only guitar that the school actually allowed me to bring on campus, believing I was in a music club. Without any interruptions, with my guitar in my hands, I begin to strum. My long brown hair gets in the way so I use a hairtie to tie it together. When I finally play, I feel a sensation running through me as if my fingers would move on its own without a master. A light knock on the door stops me. "What?" I shout to the door.

"I was wondering if you'd want to open the door?" a husky and deep voice asks. It's not a voice that I would recognize so casually. I didn't talk to anyone at school for the past year. I knew no one here since I specially was enrolled to Meika instead of my friends' schools.

"How about no?" I reply as I continue my song.

"Well, fine. I'll just talk through the door. Considering your talent with the guitar, I was-" I stopped playing as I heard the word "talent." The guy seemed to notice that I stopped and so he continued, "-wondering if you'd like to from a band with me."

A band? "If I do, what's in it for me?" My curiousity level rises.

"Oh well, fame, popularity, money, others? And if you want to know more, you can experience it for yourself."

I place the guitar gently on my seat as I walk towards the door. The guy stands there and waits. I slowly open the door to find a familiar face, Ryo Yoshida. He has straight blond hair and marron brown eyes. I hear he's popular these days. A band, huh? I might need something to spark up my life. "If you'll accept me, you just got yourself a deal. Please take care of me, Yoshida-san." I have a feeling that this will be an experience that I'll never forget.


Chiyo Kimura: 16 years old, lead guitar

"CHIYO! CHIYO!" fans start to chant my name as they start to run towards me. I look down at my current clothing. Keiyo Music Academy's girl uniform. Hmmmm... Guess I've got no choice. I think before making a run for it. I'm quite athletic, considering the training my bandmates and I received before our big debut. It took us at least a year just for training. It was tiring back then, but now I see that it was worth it. It takes me about 10 minutes to reach the school campus, where there are guards around the clock, until the fans were sent away.

Keiyo Music Academy is a private high school for individuals who have a musical talent either with their voice or instrument. I was accepted through an exeption after my debut with ETERNITY. I head straight to my classroom, 2-A. Yes, I'm in my 2nd year of high school. It's only the beginning of the school year and yet we have a playing test this morning. I make my way into the instrument room that's attached to the classroom. I open the door to find my guitar. It only takes me seconds to find it. I type in the code to remove the lock from its original location. After it was removed, I take my guitar to my assigned seat and take out my music sheets while waiting for others and the teacher to arrive.

"Good morning, Chiyo!" a voice says on my left. I turn my head to find Ryo Yoshida, my bandmate.

Ryo Yoshida: 16 years old, public image, leader, and lead vocalist of ETERNITY

"Good morning, Ryo," I reply.

"So, we have a playing test today and we decided to play 'Forever', ok?" he asks. 'Forever' is ETERNITY's debut song which we are still mastering to improve upon it.

"Sure." I quickly find 'Forever' from my pile of music and practice for a bit. "Where are the others?" I don't see the rest of the group yet.

"Oh, they're still setting up outside. I just came in to tell you about the song. I'm going to help them. Oh, and make sure to tell the teacher that we're helping setting up, ok?" Ryo heads for the door.

"Sure," I reply. As soon as the teacher comes in, I explain to her the details. Since the teacher is Himuro-sensei**, she's quite lenient. Himuro-sensei leads the class outside into the concert hall. A so-called "playing test" is actually a live tv broadcasted performance. The viewers call or text in their votes to the school and whoever has the highest number of votes gets more chances to perform on Keiyo Music Academy's behalf. Each vote is one point. Anyone who's heard of Keiyo Music Academy knows the school's influence in the music industry. Last week, we, ETERNITY, chose out of a lottery to decide on our performance order against the other 10 groups. Our leader, Ryo, received number 3. We're performing 3rd, it's not a bad placement but I wanted to be 1st or 2nd to preform before the others. After the other classes that consist of solo, duo vocalists, and instrument settle into the audience seats, Himuro-sensei calls the 10 performing groups/bands backstage for preparation. I find the other ETERNITY members in a huddle. Ryo was the first to notice my presence by looking up. He waves me over while the other 3 familiar faces wait.

Arashi Ikeda: 2-A, 17 years old, bass

Hiroshi Hayashi: 2-A, 16 years old, drums

Shin Toyama: 2-A, 16 years old, keyboard/piano

To sum it all up, I'm the only girl in ETERNITY. The manager, Yukio Takahashi, prefers it to be like that. As I make my way over to the guys, Ryo pulls me in to join their huddle. "So we're going to be the 3rd performers and the best, right!?" Ryo asks trying to pump up the members. "YEA!"

"MiSHi, you're up first!" a staff member yells as a group of girls make their way to the stage with applause roaring from the crowd.

Ryo continues his pep talk. "We're going to give it our best shot with all we got! RIGHT?" "YEA!" we reply.

After a few minutes of Ryo's chronic enthusiasm, the staff member came again just before another round of applause roared. "2nd up is Red!" A different group of guys wearing red and white clothing went for the stage. Their name is Red and they're wearing blue! I think. That's so ironic.

"It's almost time!" Ryo says. "Get your instruments!" I stand there with my guitar in my hand as the others retrieve theirs unless it was on the stage. Hinting at the drums. I take a seat on a nearby chair. After we came back to our original formation and went over the performance. We only reviewed for 1/2 of our performance before the same staff member came and shouted, "Third up is ETERNITY! Get on stage!"

"Let's go!" Ryo shouts over the Red's after-applause. I pick up my guitar from the seat and we start to move onto the stage. After a brief overview of the crowd and the cameras recording every second, I get a little nervous and yet I try to keep a composed expression. Before every performance, we always say a greeting and Ryo gives a subtle smile (that's a gesture for me to begin). After Ryo finishes talking, a round of applause was given and he gives me the signal. I begin to strum accordingly to the melody that I've spent over 3 months preparing and memorizing. Shin and Hiroshi carefully join in after Ryo begins. Then, Arashi joins into with the low bass notes. If I wonder about anything rather than the song, then I'll lose my place. During my debut, that was the only thing that was on my mind during performances. But after all this and practicing for a long time, I got used to it. 'Forever' lasted for 2 minutes. After the last few notes, the audience roared with applause and hoots. I can spot some people with their cellphones either taking pictures or voting with their device high in the air. I think it's pretty obvious. I'm going to go with the voting one.

When we get backstage, the same staff member was there calling the 4th performer, DARK. "Hurry up! Let's GO!" the staff member shouts. "We're coming don't rush us." said a deep and bitter voice. I turn to look at this so-called 'DARK.' The group consisted of 4 members. They were wearing-as expected-black clothing which gives off a dangerous aura that no one wants to be around. Although, only one person's clothing was somewhat more unique than the other 3. I'm guessing that he's DARK's leader. He has mixed hair: dark messy brown and blond with dark brown eyes. He seems to notice that my eye was on him. He tells his bandmates to start the intro without him. They have a quick argument before they finally give up. He walks up to me and talks, "Hello." he says with a smooth voice and he continues while his bandmates try to stall. "I'm Kurai, leader and lead vocalist of Dark and you are?" He looks at me with a slight gleam in his eye. Is he trying to hit on me?

"I'm a person whose standing here talking to you after just performing and I'm trying to take my seat with my bandmates." I look over to them who are sitting on the reserved couch for ETERNITY and I could still hear DARK trying to get this guy out there. I can just sense the anger of the poor guy on stage.

"Awww... My bad." He moves to the side and gestures his hand as if he was a butler showing to my seat. I head for the couch as I was hoping this "Kurai" guy would go on stage and stop tormenting the poor boy. I suddenly feel a grip on my wrist. I find Ryo and the others have gotten behind me.

"Get on the stage." Ryo's tone was flat and more terrifying than his angelic singing and casual voice. The others seem to be expressionless, but is still here for me.

"Oh my, looks like your knights are here! Well, I'll see you again some other time!" Kurai starts to make his way onto the stage while Ryo pulls me away and drops me on the reserved-for-ETERNITY couch.

"Are you ok?" Ryo asks with the others surrounding me. In the background, I can faintly hear DARK's song. After a few verses, I figure out the title of their song...'Nightmare.' It's their debut song. They had the same idea as we did.

"Yea, I'm fine. We did great guys. You were totally awesome out there." After my words, the group seemed to have settled down a bit and agreed with me.

After the "playing test" was over, the results were announced. The announcer, Ryoko Kino, came onto the stage with her peppy enthusiasm. "In 5th place, P.O.P! In 4th place, Leef. 3rd goes to YOUstar. 2nd place is BOW." The groups' points was increased little by little as shown on the big screen. "AND the results that we're all waiting for..." The crowd is silent. "First place goes to... DARK and ETERNITY!" Cheers and screams can be heard all over the school. Wait...a tie? How is that even possible? Oh, well. I hug all of ETERNITY's members as we go on stage. DARK was right behind us. Ryoko comes over with her microphone, "Do you have anything to say, Leaders?" she asks Kurai and Ryo. Kurai talks first, "It's just a wonderful feeling and thank you for voting," he says with a wink. It makes the crowd go wild. He hands the microphone to Ryo. "Like Kurai just mentioned, thank you to all the people who voted for us!" Ryo says. Ryoko takes the microphone back to end the show. Backstage, Himuro-sensei told us that all performers today are invited to a party featuring some of the top classical instrument performers that graduated from Keiyo Music Academy. She told us to go home and plan to dress appropriately. I can tell that she is implying that girls where dresses and guys wear suits.

As I walk home, I think about the dress that I have to wear. It's not like I don't have one...but it's more like I don't want to wear it. I have a feeling that someone is stalking me. I turn around to find no one. After a while of this, I fastwalk to hide behind a wall. When I looked back to see who was coming, I find a normal glasses wearing guy looking back and forth. He is wearing Keiyo High's male uniform. He looks somewhat familiar, like I've seen him somewhere before. I turn around to try to find a shortcut because I don't like to deal with stranger stalkers. I find myself in a dead end with nowhere to go. I start to head back to my original route. As I turn at the curb, the stalker guy shows up right in front of me. He's taller than I expected, maybe about my age, brown hair, geek-glasses, school attire...to sum it up he's... a stalker geek guy! He takes a step back and clears his throat. "Achem..." I continue to wait... After a few minutes of coughing, I decide to run for my life. He's a stalker geek guy who coughs like a maniac! "WAIT!" he yells after me. "I...I... I... LI-...-KE...LIKE...Y-... YOU!" I stop dead in my tracks. "HUH?!"

Notes (**):

Sensei- means teacher in Japanese