Authors notes: I was listening to some music, and out of the blue, decided to try and write a poem. It's my first attempt since Primary School. I don't mind if you R&R, just be fair to me xD

Returning Home

The sun was beating down,

Beads of sweat formed.

There was no shade to be found.

The flies all at once swarmed.

Batting them away I squinted my eyes tight,

Ahead of me I spotted something,

A mirage? A surprise?

As I got closer, I expressed my utter delight.

I leaped into the air,

Home was in sight.

I started to run without a care,

Life once again seemed bright.

The front door was ajar,

Mother stood there shocked.

The sight of me must have been bizarre.

Her mouth seemed as though it were locked.

Suddenly, she pulled me into a tight embrace,

and cried "Son, where have you been?".

I thought she'd be angry, it was the worst-case,

I muttered back, "I doesn't matter" and after a moment her face split into a grin.

"No, it doesn't, you're home now",

Her soft voice said after a while.

I simply wondered how,

She could still greet me with a smile.

I had been gone for months on end,

Not caring about the ones I left behind.

Arguments with loved ones had not come to an amend,

I life of unhappiness I soon did find.

My life was full of regrets,

But Mother took my hand.

She made me forget about the upsets,

She seemed to understand.

I had returned home, and she could now hold me forever,

I wouldn't ever run away again, never.