You're right, maybe if I were like you,

I wouldn't mess up everything we've built.

Perhaps if I were to model my behaviour on you,

Then maybe I could reach your perfection,

That you hide so well beneath a flawless mask.

I could erase the flaws that have haunted me,

Flaws which have stretched on for miles,

Miles I walk alone, without a friendly smile in sight,

Instead hot coals that I am forced to walk over.

But I guess you're right; I could never be like you.

My mask has chipped and faded, fallen to the earth again.

How careless am I, to have thrown away everything in a mourned mistake?

Who would dream of performing such a nightmare?

While your eyes flick, like a snake, to conceal the deeds and sins of your past,

To make you seem truly perfect to gaze at but a hazard to touch,

I'm not so blind to notice how you bite the hand that feeds you.

I see the teeth marks on my hand and realise I shouldn't have played with fire,

Because that fire will soon engulf me with its deafening lies, till I am left disfigured by every word.

Only the mirror reflects the truth, I'm not meant to be like you.

I'm not meant to be the wooden puppet without a heart, standing in the darkness.

Maybe I'm being too eloquent to say but maybe I should stop being the heartless bitch that you project your lies upon.

I may not be perfect; God knows you've seen the scars yourself.

But I am not a liar, a cheat or a con artist,

And at least I'll hold my hands up if I step out of line, could you do the same?

And yes I realised that with, or without you, I will fall from a great height,

Perhaps over the edge, but I pray it should never come to that.

But I am human and I am one of many that will make a mistake,

So maybe you should take off the mask, show your scars to the world and admit that sometimes you screw up too.