What can I say to a blank page, who isn't you?

How can I place all my hopes and dreams upon it?

Hoping you'd see that with every word I write,

I aim it like an arrow to your heart.

When in reality, the dream I harboured like a nest egg,

Has shattered and now lies empty and limp upon the floor.

Then as I stare at the car crash at my feet,

And switch to gaze at your arrogantly innocent face,

I realise the truth – an epiphany if you will.

That your kind unassuming nature was nothing but a façade,

A true masterpiece!

I see it now, the cruel smirk that has my faltered heart in an iron grip,

The perplexing lies that wrap around my throat, so I can't question,

And the grand finale, the eyes that sought out your prey,

Before your sharp claws –

I can't think about it any longer, instead I want to lunge at you;

Make a protest of my own.

How could you? Why? Did you even care for me? Was there even an 'Us' to begin with?

But how can I scream and shout when it's already over,

You've already pulled the trigger,

Just look at the mess you made!

A fatal shot,

When it was me who deserved the last laugh.