Nobody is really pleased with our country right now. Some people want to spend more money, some people want to spend less money, some people want to marry whoever they want, some people want to smoke weed, some people want to fire all the teachers, some people want to tenure all the teachers, some people want to shoot deer, some people want to recycle guns and turn them into patio chairs, some people want to save the planet, some people want to save the banks, the list goes on. We all point fingers and talk about how the government is broken and how it's all the other party's fault.

But take a deep breath. Step back. You're missing the point.

Today we celebrate President's Day by not going to school, or work, or wherever you normally spend your Mondays. We celebrate the birthdays of two of the greatest men in our country's history: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We can complain about how messed up America is, but I challenge you to remember that without these men, we would have no country to complain about.

Both Washington and Lincoln gave their all to fight for and then protect the rights they believed all humans had, and have. I'm sure you already know the stories. It is because of men like these that we can say whatever we darn well want about our government without any consequences. It is because of these men that we can all have our opinions heard.

Democracy is a wonderful thing. Too many people take it for granted. Too many people don't care. Too many people don't realize how privileged they are. Too many people get wrapped up in all the arguments that inevitably come with democracy that they never step away from the chaos and say, "Wow. I am one of 313,000,000 people in this world who gets to experience American freedom."

So this is my challenge to you: instead of lounging around in your sweat pants watching The Bachelor all day today, take ten minutes to look at the lives of these men who we celebrate. Take ten minutes to read the Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson is a master). Remember all that we have rather than lament the few things we don't. And thank these men.