Taking a break from my main story...which i find too hard to write at the moment, here's an older one. The idea came to me around 2 years ago but i dropped it until now. I hope you enjoy it :) It's a fantasy/romance/drama

Here's a short summary:

Miyuki is an artificially enhanced human who is a member of Angel, a secret society that works with the collection of souls. But unlike the other members, Miyuki feels no compassion for living things, not understanding what it feels like to live. From the result of her lost memories, she is all alone, if it weren't for Masao, who is always by her side. But it seems like he knows more about her than she does. Just how did she start working for Angel and who were the people dear to her before she joined?


He had chosen the perfect place where she would take her last breath. The letter she received led her to the isolated clearing. I watched as she hurried through the snow, shivering lightly as she probably ran out before bothering to put on her scarf and button her coat. She stopped and stood, taking in the beauty of the frozen trees.

He smiled. He knew she would like this place. Only he really understood her. No one else was capable of loving her, of protecting her. Even though she would not see him, he still maintained his distance. He watched her fondly but was also angry at how quickly she was running out to meet him. It wasn't her fault though. He had tricked her into trusting him. He quickly removed all thoughts of him from his mind. Today was to be a joyous occasion. No more standing by and watching. Soon, he would be able to actually reach out and touch her, smooth out her ebony hair, hold her hands and feel, just like she would feel him.

She looked small and delicate, standing against the icy wind. It shrieked across the barren landscape, lifting up the snow and creating a fine frozen mist. Then it stopped to a halt and all was silent. He walked out and made his way towards her, leaving no footprints beneath him. Unable to suppress his desires, he wrapped his arms around her in an embrace from behind and lightly brushed his lips against her hair. She would not sense anything until the last moment. Her cheeks and nose were turning red from the cold as she waited patiently for a man who would never come. He breathed in her scent for the last time and brought the cold metal up to the side of her head. "Sleep well, my angel." He whispered and pulled the trigger. Her eyes widened, hearing his voice for the first time. And then it was over and she collapsed into his arms, the white snow tainted with blood that dripped down from her head.

He carefully laid her body against the snow. A ball of light emerged from her chest, glowing and humming with a pleasant rhythm. It was beautiful, clearer and purer than any soul he had ever seen. Delicately he reached out to hold it in his hands, palms facing out. What a fascinating thing the soul is. He looked at it lovingly, for this was the same soul he had stood by, watched , protected, and loved all this time. With the poisonous influence of him out of her mind, she would return to being herself again. She would come to like him for sure, as he pledged himself to protecting her and would never try anything to hurt her. She shall have a respected position among the Society. They would be together for all eternity. She would never have to suffer or be alone anymore. It was a happy ending.