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Miyuki stares out onto the tracks, worn and scratched bars of metal that would soon be painted red.

This was the last run of the day and she couldn't wait to get back home. The world outside the base grounds always annoyed from the dirty and crowded streets of the downtown city, the rush of cars, the hectic and blinding lights that outshone even the stars, and the people. Mostly the people.

She hated humans, even though she herself could still be considered to be one of them. They went about with their everyday lives in outright ignorance to the sufferings they caused and those of the people around them. She could not believe that she used to live just like them. Those selfish, greedy and self destructive beings. Their souls tainted with too many sins to count.

But even so, she envied what it might be like to live without worry, over everything that was going wrong or could go wrong. After all, what you don't know can't hurt. How would they respond if they knew that after death, their souls could be devoured by emotionless creatures or even trapped in their own rotting flesh for all eternity? But it was up to the organization to ensure that it wouldn't happen. It was her responsibility to protect the ignorance of the people. ANGEL couldn't be everywhere at once though. But living for an extended period of time wasn't the answer either. That's right, she was just a bit envious of how stupid and carefree the humans are.

Miyuki checked the time on her phone. Just five more minutes. She wondered how it would happen. A murder, an accident, or perhaps a suicide this time? The death waiting to happen must have something to do with the train that was coming in just a few minutes. She waited on the platform with all the other people, however, for a completely different reason.

Miyuki examined the people around her. The closest were an angry man on the phone, an elderly woman, a mother with her child, and a group of college boys. The mission outlines she received only informed her of the time and location of the death and no more details than that. Those were the only information that their computer could currently predict. It was more than enough to do the job.

She decided that it was about to start and swung the bag over her shoulder. She stood up, making sure her weapon and anything else she might need was in the right place. Hopefully, she wouldn't need to use them.

The teens were pushing each other around, swearing and talking loudly, as if competing to see who could cuss the most. They looked wasted. One guy tripped over his own feet, falling sideways and pushing the mother onto the tracks, taking her by surprise by the sudden heavy weight.

At parts like these in the movies, time slows down and people rush out in slow motion, calling out in agony. But in real life its over before you know it. You barely realize what has been taken from you in that split second, a mere blink, in which death can surpass you. When you finally notice the emptiness of the space beside you, the missing person, and the rushing of the train, with its cry deafening in your ears. She watched the child with his frightened, awkward look, face cringing and contorting by the second as it became silent once again, train leaving behind a trail of gore. The boys stopped their jokes, their jaws dropping in realization. The child finally let out a single wail in despair and people screamed at the gruesome sight, some threatening to faint.

She was so used to this already, the harsh reality and suffering going on in the world daily. What was worth living for when you know that everything would just come to a lonely end anyways? In the end, your appearance, social standing, and money make no difference. Everyone dies. Was it the "happiness, tears, and joy" people claimed to experience while living? That was all just a load of BS to her. She simply could not see a point to this repeating cycle having not being able to remember experiencing it before.

Ignoring the cries of the bystanders and the approaching sirens in the distance, Miyuki got to work and made her way to what was left of the body. It was unrecognizable, and no longer the woman. Her real self was left with no vessel in which to use. Sure enough, there was the glowing orb of energy only she could see, the helpless and formless mass of life. It was still alive, but without a conscious mind. She was quick in putting it into the special glass capsule she had brought and prepared, sealed the lid tightly, than chucked it into her bag with all the others she had collected today.

She finished quickly before any Lost Ones caught the scent of the fresh soul and came down for their dinner. It wasn't always so easy though. Sometimes, Lost Ones could sense that a human was about to die, and would trail them for weeks, getting to the souls before anyone from the organization did. They could smell the stench of death seeping from their bodies. Some could grow to be very strong, feeding on the massive amounts of energy packed into each soul. They put up a well-matched fight, even with the most experienced ANGEL members. And once your soul is eaten, that's it for you. No re-incarnation, second chance, new life sort of thing...whatever happens when you're body dies and your soul is sent to be processed. Only the High Council knows. But her rank was almost close enough to be appointed as one of them. She was number 37 and counting. For field positions, ranks were based on the number of souls collected, experience in the position, and work quality overall. She couldn't say that she wasn't curious to know the truth about the system.

Today's missions had all gone considerably well, without serious injury. She could head back to headquarters and deposit the souls she had collected and rest for the night. Miyuki had been told that after she had died, her soul had been damaged, thus her loss of memories. But Masao saw her potential and saved her, as well as granting her an artificial body and giving her the chance to join ANGEL. Masao was second head of the science, technology, and soul research and development centre, called STS.

Miyuki chose only to exist and fulfil her duties, for she didn't have anything else to live for and didn't see any point in starting over in another life or something similar to one. The other members, even if they couldn't return to their old lives from before they were part of the organization, could still visit their loved ones, watch over and protect them, like real guardian angels. But she had nothing. Without her orders and jobs to do, it would have made no difference if she hadn't existed in the first place. Her existence meant nothing more.

When Miyuki entered the residence, she was attacked by her roommate, Kazumi. She leaped at her, calling her name.

"Miyuuuukiiii!" She called out with fake teary eyes, trying to strangle her with a hug.

Miyuki reacted fast, dodging her sideways, almost tripping over the shoes in the doorway.

"You left without me again! I told you to wake me up. I'll never lift my rank if you keep doing the work we're suppose to do together all by yourself. Plus the guidelines make you always have your partner with you in the field!" She exclaimed.

"I can handle it. I work better alone."

"Aw. What did I do?"

"You never do anything seriously, you never complete the tasks I assign you, and...stop bringing a different guy home everyday!" She raised her voice slightly, upon seeing the stranger sitting on her couch, watching television.

"Oh hey, Miyuki." He turned around and gave her a little wave.

"Get out. Now."

"Uh..I'll be back later then." He left, after giving Kazumi a little peck on the cheek.

"He better not." She muttered under her breath.

"Oh come on, don't be mad. You're just...too uptight about everything. I'm not stopping you from letting Masao stay over."

"We were talking about you're work habits. And – we are not like that." Infact, Miyuki didn't know what her relationship with Masao was. She knew that he meant a lot to her, perhaps more than anyone else at the moment. It was he who was slowly filling up the emptiness in her heart, making her feel like her presence was not so insignificant. But she didn't love him in that way. He was someone she couldn't live without but would never make her lover.

The phone rang at that moment. She swiftly pulled it out and took the call.

"Miyuki, I have some work for you." The familiar voice of her superintendent.

"Right now?"

"Yes. Go see Masao right away. He has the details. It's very important that you get this job done well."

"I understand. I'll be right there."I hung up.

"I got work."

"Just you? They're gonna promote you after this, aren't they?" Kazumi said with a bit of worry. "And if that happens...we probably won't be partners anymore."

Miyuki started to regret being so harsh. But she hid it, maintaining her professional outlook.

"Then you will have to work hard to try and catch up." And with that, she left the room, not being faithful to her true feelings.

Miyuki felt terrible as she made her way to the STS centre. In truth, she really appreciated Kazumi being her friend and putting up with her all this time. She was used to being ignored or hated because of her cold attitude. But Kazumi had been different. She brought up her spirits without even her realizing it and quickly became a source of strength for her. But now she had just acted as if she thought she was a nuisance and didn't want her by her side.

The STS research centre was a particularly new building compared with the others in the base. It was designed to make it look modern, innovative, and unique. The building was 20 stories high and had a curved, arched path that jutted and twined around the main structure. Miyuki waited for her eye scan to finish, before the metal doors slid open and she was allowed to enter. Security was very tight at STS. After all, ANGEL couldn't risk outsiders getting a hold of the information they had taken so long to develop.

Walking with confident, long strides, she made her way to the main laboratory, where Masao worked. She pressed the code, and said that it was her, into the speaker. The deep smooth voice responded for her to enter. She couldn't help admiring the mysterious, silver haired man every time she saw him. His features were perfect, sculpted skin, fingers long and seductive, and always looking so damn fine in his lab coat. She ran to this man, about to let him know everything that was troubling her, trusting him with her soul.