Simple Truths

Maybe my parents thought it wouldn't be traumatizing for me, like it was for other kids, or maybe my parents were just too tied up in their own lives to care about such a small thing, but when my gerbil died, I was the one who found her body laying limp in her cage and buried her in a small cardboard box in the backyard, and when my fish started dying, one by one, I was the one who took their upended bodies from the tank and flushed them away down the toilet. When my favorite dog was taken out and shot, because he had bit one too many people, I was informed of it without question and without lies to cover up his disappearance. I was never told they had run away or gone to live on a nice farm, when my cats didn't show up at feeding time, instead I was told they had died, just straight out. As much as I cried in the absence of my beloved pets throughout my childhood, I learned a lot about facing and accepting the simple truths of life, and perhaps, just perhaps, that's why my parents did it.