Daddy's Little Girl

I used to love to run and twirl
Daddy's little girl
That's me
I thought it's what I'd always be
No longer little
No longer the pride and joy
for life I no longer savor
How can I when thoughts so dark
leave me with nothing but their unseen marque
I can barely stay afloat
my hidden enemies laugh and gloat
when I was little you were my hero
nothing you couldn't defeat
so where are you now?
why do you allow
these demons to torture me so?
your reasons I don't know
you say you want to be my angel
but what's your angle?
is this for you?
is it just something to do?
if so don't bother
or is it for me?
do you finally see
what no one else does?
my hidden despair
do you actually care?
I hope so, for I can no longer manage
there as been too much damage
can you help me get what I want,
to be able to smile and twirl
and once again be daddy's little girl