There, the sentry bots gathered.

There was a plan for a gathering on the Dark Side of McDonald's, a first of its kind in let's say about two months. This McDonald's was made on one of the rocks orbiting Earth. There were plenty of those. Rocks, I mean, and they were all pieces of the Moon. But enough about a rock. It is what is going to happen on the rock that is important.

Now, where were we?

The Slumber Party was invited to a demi-lunar luncheon on the Dark Side of McDonald's. The Slumber Party was the last to know how to vanquish the Clunky Robot. The Slumber Party was traveling through space in their jet-fuel fueled van. Inside, Frank was reviewing the plans.

Frank said, "Okay, now after we eat our pizza or whatever they serve we'll pretend that we'll leave, but then we'll turn those bots off. We'll keep one on and hold it hostage to take us to the Clunky Robot. Dodge the best you can; he apparently shoots missiles. After that, the wall will open and we will be able to take the Great Lamp of Kaiser Permanente!"

After they landed, they walked to the entrance of McDonald's. Before they could enter, they were stopped by 20 sentry bots.


Frank typed in on the holographic panel in front of them, "There is no way in"

The Sentry Bot murmured a little and said, "PLEASE ENTER SECRET CODE 10… 9…8…"

Frank said nothing nor did the others. They ran back to the van.

The Sentry Bots beamed electricity through the air. Frank somehow managed to avoid the enlarging radii of shock. He looked to the others, but they were all motionless.

Broken steps.

Lunar dust.

Frank reached the handle and looked over his shoulder.

A war machine, glowing and unstable.

Frank sat in the seat. Keys in. Turn.

The engine sputtered.

The war machine warmed up.

Frank's heart imploded. Turn.

The engine sprang.

The car sped off towards Earth!

The war machine calibrated.

Something rotated.

An aperture opened.

It detected the van and fired a huge burst of electricity to the van.

Frank felt the jolt of the shot as the van's battery stopped.

Frank panicked! The car wouldn't turn on. All Frank could do was sit back and watch as he plunged onto the Earth's surface, awaiting the Slumber Party's imminent downfall.

Hello, there! I don't know who you are, but you're important. See, my name is Jeffrey Loyal. This is the first time I've ever written a book. Ever! This is a huge milestone for me! I'm not very good, but I'll get better.

See, you and I, we have so much in common. But, as you can see, there are unsettling and striking differences. See, I'm not around anymore. I wrote in the past, you read in the present. We may never be friends; I think we can both agree. But we can conduct business efficiently and appropriately in two different time constructs. This is good news, if you can't tell! We're going to bond!

By the way, I'm sorry if you weren't satisfied with this first chapter. I'll get better at writing! I promise!