Can someone please make this videogame for me? It is like Grand Theft Auto, except you're the French Resistance in Occupied Paris, in the 1940s. Basically like a sandbox-type thing—you can run around, hijack cars, disguise yourself, throw radios at people, stab people, etc. Also there is a secret dinosaur level, which is exactly what it sounds like (you can unleash T-Rexs and lions and shit to eat the Nazis—think Zoo Tycoon). Okay, you can also be a dinosaur. But only after you beat the main storyline, don't be an asshole. Fine, cheat codes. Also jetpacks. And flamethrowers. OOO OOOO CAN THERE BE TANKS?! And GODZILLA?! I will worship you for-EVA. Bonus points if the Inglourious Basterds make an appearance.

MORE DETAILS FORTHCOMING—depending on my cocaine supply and Jesus. Jking. No, seriously.