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Any character that resembles a real person is purely coincidental. This is not going along with a certain dead set timeline, I'm just giving it dates because that's how letters usually are. Read and review, please! Thanks for clicking on my story!

I typed in the URL my old high school's guidance counseler had given me before I left. . I had come to her at the end of the day after work and asked her if there was a way I could help somebody in need. I came in thinking about maybe a homeless person or someone living in poverty, but left with my mind set on helping a soldier. I remember that day perfectly...

I hesitantly knocked on Ms. Garhett's door. Did I really want to open this can of worms? After all, I was prone to getting attached to people easily. That's exactly what I wanted, though, wasn't it? To help and bring a new person into my life? I couldn't exactly change my mind, anyway, as the sound of my knuckles on the chestnut wood had already come about. "Come in," the friendly and familiar voice of Ms. Garhett's said. I opened the door and stepped into the room I had become so well acquainted with in my freshman and sophomore years.

I sat in the comfortable velvet chair my mother had reupholstered for her when my older sister had been in her freshman year. "And what do I owe the pleasure, Ann?" I smiled. "Um, I've been wanting to help out some people lately. You know, give things to people who need them more, that kind of stuff," I said quietly. I had never expressed my hunger for helping people to anybody before. She grinned. "That's great! Now, all of the spots I have for less fortunate people in our area are filled, but there's an address I have for a different place..." I bit my lip. "I can't travel very far," I said, mostly to myself. Ms. Garhett shook her head. I wouldn't ask you to travel this far and to such a dangerous place. Strictly mail." She slid a piece of paper across her desk. It had a URL on it. I looked at her, confused. "But Ms. Garhett, you said you had-" She cut me off. "Take it, go home, and type it in. Pick a person, help them. Now I'm afraid I must kick you out of my office as I have a meeting with the principal. Goodbye." And that was the end of that.

At the top of the page, I saw the words, "Any Soldier. Freedom isn't free! Just ask Any Soldier..." I furrowed my eyebrows and read on. A few minutes later, I clicked on "Where To Send," intrigued. For what must have been over an hour, I looked for a person to send to. I was looking for a person that hadn't had anything sent to him or her. I finally stopped on a man called PFC Lucas Blythe. Nobody had requested his address, so I clicked on his name and read what he had written. It said:

"12 Jan 2013

I am representing myself, per request of Sarge. I don't really need food items like some soldiers as I get free food at the DFAC. My living conditions are decent. The laundry is self service and I don't have a kitchen in which to cook, another eason for no food. I'm in a small room with three other people. Really all I want is somebody to write to. I don't have anybody back home to talk to so it gets pretty lonely over here. Thanks. :)"

I found it sweet that all he really wanted was a letter. Though, it was sad that he didn't have anybody to write to. I took a deep breath and clicked the link to request an address. I filled out the form and got to work on my letter. I would check my e-mail tomorrow for an address. I got out my purple $0.50 notebook (the really cheap ones that you get in August meant for middle school students) and pencil. I decided to make my letter as casual as possible. That's good, right?

"18 Feb 2013

Dear Lucas,

You're not going to pitch a fit for me calling you Lucas, are you? Do you go by Luke? I would assume that you do, but you never know. I guess I'm going to keep this short and sweet. An introduction and some questions, yeah? I'm Ann Hadley, I'm nineteen years old, and I work at a coffee shop. I'm a freshmen in college at the Univeristy of Tennessee and I'm majoring in English Lit. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, born and raised. I live on Ramen noodles and Mountain Dew, but I really enjoy curry chicken. I can't make it though. Sigh.

You can probably tell by my handwritng that I'm a little nervous about this. I don't normally write to strangers I find on the Internet. What's your age? Where are you from? Do you want to be my pen pal? That would be cool. It's okay if you think I'm weird nd you don't want to write back. I'm a socially awkward potato, haha. I'm going to nip this in the bud so that I don't scare you away if I haven't already. I appreciate what you're doing. So, um, bye I guess.


Ann Hadley :)"