One stormy afternoon Raven kept looking at the storm clouds. She is someone you wouldn't want to be around. The girl has a very sensitive altitude so don't make her mad. She has a family, but they ignore her to the point where she is invisible. She is a little bit taller than six-foot.

Her best friend has really short campaign blond hair. They are sixteen years old, but there birthdays are three months apart. No one could split them up since they were little kids. The girl has shoulder length black hair that hangs in her face most of the time. Raven loves being out in storms so she can make her troubles go away.

In every way she is just an average girl. Only Buddy knows what she is really like. The others only know what she pretends to be. "Hay Raven you need to get out of the rain, before you catch a cold." Someone yelled.

She looked back in the crowd of the school waiting for the buses to pick them up. Then she saw her friend make his way towards her. She just looked back in the crowd of the school waiting for their rides to pick them up. Then she saw her friend trying to make his way towards her. She just looked back up at the sky. He finally was able to get through the crowd to her. Raven said," I will be fine Buddy. You should know by now that I won't get sick in the rain any more. He didn't know what to say to that.

Then all of the buses came and everyone ran on so they didn't get socked. Buddy said," How about coming over to my house for a while. I know your parents won't care that you're not home" "Thanks for the offer, but I want to walk for a bit if you don't mind. Don't worry if the storm gets worse I will go inside or something for a bit." Raven said.

Buddy didn't believe her so he went with Raven to keep her company. She really doesn't like to have people around when she goes for a walk in the rain. Raven looked up at the sky one last time then ran as fast as she could in the direction of the public park. He couldn't keep up with her so he just walked there. Meanwhile Raven was setting on one of the swings yelling at the ground.

Buddy came out of nowhere and put a hand on Ravens shoulder. She looked at him and said, "Sorry about earlier. I kind of needed some time alone." He looked at her very worried. The boy had noticed that she has wanted to be alone more often now. When Raven tried to stand Buddy caught her before she fell.

He said, "I told you not to stay out in the rain like this or you would end up being sick. I will take you to my house so you can rest." "Thanks, but I will be fine out here. You have seen me out in worse storms and I would just recover in a few hours. So please don't worry about me?"

Buddy wanted to argue, but then again he saw how red her face was. So he cared her homer on his back. It was a long way to his house since it started to rain harder. He couldn't make out where he was going because the rain was coming down hard. Both Raven and Buddy were socked to the bone by the time they got to his house.

Raven woke up a few hours in dry cloths and under a worm blanket. She sat up hoping there was no one in the room so she could just slip out of the house. Raven spotted Buddy, but he was passed out on the couch across from her. The girl got up and noticed something was missing.

She looked all around the room, but couldn't find her iPod or backpack. How was she going to get home? Buddy got up a few minutes after Raven not knowing Raven was awake. Raven said, "Where did my things go to?" where just about the whole house could hear her. There was a loud bang and Raven looked out the front window.

Buddy said, "Nice to see that you are up Raven. You have been out for a while." "What do you mean and where is my stuff. I really didn't need your help earlier." There was no reply from him. Raven just left the house cussing to herself.

It was pouring cats and dogs when she stepped put the door. She saw where the bang came from and a huge grin appeared on her face. Buddy came out of the house after her. When he saw what she was looking at he backed away. She said, "How did that get there and why?"

Buddy said, "I don't know Raven, but please don't go over there. You don't know where that thing came from." "I might have a pretty good idea where it came from. If you heard that big bang earlier it was probably that falling off a back of a truck or something. I'm going to go look to see what it is. If you don't want to see stay here."

He didn't move an inch wile Raven went over to the object. When she got there it looked like a person. She yelled, "Buddy can you please come over here?" He didn't want to move, but was quarries of what she had found. He went to where she was and was surprised on what she had found. It was a person on the ground in front of them.

The boy has light brown hair, a really good suntan. He looked taller than Raven. His cloths were ripped all over the place. You could see his ribs, but he was muscular. Raven said, "How did he get here? Where did he come from?" Buddy didn't answer and backed away. The person they found was waking up.

He said, "Who are you? Can you tell me where I am?" "Hi my name is Raven. This is my best friend Buddy. You are in front of his house. Can I ask who you are?" The boy looked confused. Buddy said, "We can't trust him. We don't know who he is or where he came from." "I don't care about that. He is still a person no matter where he came from." Raven yelled back.

Everything went quiet around those three. She said in a low voice, "What did you say your name was little guy?" "My name is Thomas. I really don't remember where I came from." Raven didn't say a word and looked up to the sky. It looked like the rain wasn't going to stop so she helped Thomas to his feet and lead him inside.

Buddy shut the door behind them when they got inside the house. She took Thomas to one of the couches in the living room and then she spotted her bag. It was right next to Buddy's chair the whole time. She went over to her things and noticed her iPod was still missing. Raven yelled, "Where is my iPod Buddy?

If you had my iPod tell me where it is now!" There was no answer and one of Buddy's little brothers came down playing with it. He is one you wouldn't want to get up seat. His emotions are off the roof when he is big time chipper.

He is all ways, energetic. The boy is sweet and all, but loves to play games. His hair is a really light blond almost white. The little guys name is Eric. Raven was getting mad at him.

She tried to say comely, "Eric may I have that back now please?" He said, "If you catch me you can have this boring thing back if you want." With that said she went after him. She was mad to the max. The girl got her iPod back when she trapped Eric in a corner. He gave it back after he tried to escape from her clutches.

When Raven got her iPod she went back to the others and turned to Buddy. They didn't say anything, but he knew what she would have said. Thomas looked at them funny wondering what happened. He turned to Raven and said, "What just happened here? Did I miss something?" "No you didn't miss a thing. Eric just has a ball when I chase him all over the house.

So if he is more of a pain we can go over to my house." Buddy was shocked at that remark. Not a minute later his entire family came bursting through the door yelling, "Hay where home!" Buddy kind of freaked out because he wasn't expecting them to say that at once. Raven's ears rang for a few since the sound was so loud.

Eric came to the room yelling, "Yea I finally got my fun brothers back. Now we can have some fun." Raven just looked away and walked out of the house as fast as she could drug Thomas with her. Buddy ran after them so he could get away from the yelling family. He said, "Now can we come over to your house?"

"If my FOSTER PARENTS are not home when we get to the house you can go in." The boys walked beside Raven to the park and further. It took about twenty minutes to get from his house to hers. Raven was surprised that her parents weren't home. They normally go out and have a few drinks every night.

As soon as she would get home they would be there waiting on the back porch. She, Buddy and Thomas went through the back door of the house because it was the closest to her room. Buddy couldn't believe that her house was huge. Raven went down a flight of steps leading to her room.

She got the whole downstairs to herself. The walls were painted black and blue. There were clouds with lightning and thunder coming down from them in a bright yellow. There was a mega huge TV to one side of the room, a king size waterbed with fountains coming down each side in to the floor. She also has a huge fire place to one side of the room, a wild fox. He will hurt anyone that is a threat to Raven.

She also has an eight foot pool that goes under her wall in to a glass room with a hot tub and a surround sound stereo. One more thing she has a built in library with a secret reading spot. Buddy said, "WOW! How on earth did you get all of this great stuff?" "Easy have rich parents that will give you I don't know how many credit cards and then you buy anything you want. They don't even care what I get as long as I stay out of there way."

Thomas went over to where Snowflake was and started to play with him. Raven said, "I wonder where he came from?" "I really don't know Raven he said he can't really remember anything, but his name." "I don't know, but at least I think Snow got him a playmate." Raven went over to where her little fox was and patted him on the head.

Then she got into her bag and pulled out a big juicy piece of raw stake for him. He ran around the room and sat before she tossed in to the air. He caught it, but put the stake down. Snow licked her hand and went into his house to enjoy it. She asked Thomas if he wanted a piece and he shook his head yes.

Raven grabbed a partly cooked one out of her bag. He ran in a circle grabbed it and went to one of the corners of the room. Raven said, "Now sense those two are happy do you want to go for a quick swim before Snow jumps in?" "Thanks I rather go in the hot tub, but if I don't have another way in I guess I will go swimming for a few." They both changed in there swim suits and jumped in.

The water was warm when they got in. She got to the other side of the pool in no time turned on the stereo and blasted the speakers. The both of them had a blast swimming. A few hours later Snow got in the pool and snuck up on Raven. She jumped and swam after him to get payback. Raven finally caught up to him, but he was already out of the pool in to his house.

She really didn't know what time it was till she looked up at the night sky. Both of the boys were asleep on her bed. Snow was getting ready for it and she still needed a bath. She went to her bathroom took a quick shower and went to sleep.