A few weeks of Raven finally decided to face her fears. "Hay Raven we're going to go out for a few. Do you want to go with us?" "Yeah I will go, but let me finfish these last two pages of my book." Then Mistie left the room to let her finish her book.

A few minutes later she finished her book and went down to the kitchen. "The walking dead is alive. What book are you on now. You have been reading a lot lately."

"Very funny Kevin. A little bit latter I am going to start my fortyish book. I haven't been reading that much." "Sorry, but you have been reading for a week without many breaks." ""No wonder I am so tired. So where are we going?"

Mistie had to think about where they were going. "It is a surprise. You will find out when we get there." "I hate surprises. Tell me where we are going."

"Like I said you will find out when we get there." Then Raven got blind folded. This was the first time in a while that someone had a surprise for her. One of the others grabbed her right wrist. The hand was gentile, but yet strong.

She figured it was Kevin or Stevin pulling her. "Where am I going? Why am I blind folded? This is one of the reasons why I hate getting surprises." She thought. After a few minutes the hand let her go and the blind fold was taken off.

She was in a small room with nothing in it. The others weren't in the room any more. Raven turned around and saw Buddy. Her eyes went wide in shock. "I've heard that you have been reading for the past week.

Are you going to…?" "Why are you here€? How did you know I have been reading?" "Mistie called me to come over. You need to come back.

Emilien is destroying everything. He has been on the rampage since you have been gone. I have some letters for you at my house from Emerald." "I guess it is time to kick him out of town, but first I have to get this cast off first. I know you three are behind the door.

You can come in." "How did you know we were behind the door? We were completely silent." "I could hear you breathing. Let's go to the hospital to get this cast off my arm."

They all left the room and went out of the building. Right in front of them was the hospital. As they went in Raven signed in and they sat in the waiting room. Being in this place made her fill a bit uneasy. "Raven Bailey." said a nurse.

"That would be me." The girl stood up and walked to the nurse. "All I came here for was to take off this stooped cast off." "Ok then. Flow me please."

Both of then entered the room down the hall. All there was in there was a couple of stools and a hospital bed. She just sat in one of the stools and weighted. Her hands started to shake a bit so she weaved her fingers together. A few minutes later a doctor came into the room.

He was short and the girl couldn't see his facial features. "My name is Dr. John. The nurse who brought you in said all you wanted was to get your cast off." "Yeah that is right. Can we get this over with so I can get out of here?"

He took a lazar pin off of the table he brought in. About five minutes later the cast was off. The girl took a piece of paper out of her pants pocket and wrote her address on it. "Here you can send the bill to this address. I have to go bye."

Raven got up out of the seat and ran out of the room fast. Everyone was still waiting for her in the waiting room. "Come on you all let's get out of here. She walked out of the door with the others on her tail. "It is so nice to see you out of that cast.

Now can we go back home?" "I'm glad it is off to. Yes we can go home. Do any of you want to come with." Stevin, Kevin and Mistie looked at one another.

"I wish I could go, but I have to work and can't miss. The others might have fun going." "What about them going to school. I'll call the school and tell them that they are out of town for a few days." "Ok they can come as long as they behave while there around."

Everyone went silent. Mistie had to break the silence by saying, "Let's go the train is leaving soon. See you later Stevin." "Come back safe and sound.

I have to get back to work. Have fun on your little vacation." "We will have a blast." Stevin hugged his siblings then Raven. They all left from that spot in two different directions.

As Raven and the others got on the train she got Snow out of her bag. He yawned once then licked her hand. The girl stared out of the window while the others took naps.

As the train stopped in the stanchion in Ravens town she noticed there was no rain. No one was in the stanchion. Buddy was awake since the stop before. "Where is everyone at?" "How should I know Buddy?

Remember I haven't been here for over a week. It is probably Emilien doing all of this." Then the others woke up. Mistie got up off the seat stretching and Kevin did the same as well. Then Buddy got up and helped Raven get up herself.

Her legs went to jelly once she got up. With her free hand she grabbed on to his shoulder. He helped steady her after a while. "Will all of the passengers get off the train so we can leave the station." said a voice over the loud speaker. Everyone left the train and station.

As they walked out of the building Raven had to cover her eyes. "Sorry it is so bright out here. The weather has been on the fritz lately." "That is ok Buddy. Can you please let me go?"

He let go of her arm and she let her bag fall to the ground. It landed with a soft thud. As she looked around no one was in sight. Once her head was turned to the right she spotted someone. While she stared the figure came closer.

When the figure came closer she gasped. "Nice to see you are back Raven. How do you like the way I changed your town since you have been gone? I know I like it." "How many times do I have to tell you to get out of my town Emilien?

No I don't like the way you have changed things. Get out of here now!" "I hoped you would like all of the changes I have done. I will never leave this place. All of the people here begun to be afraid of me."

"Please stop all of this. I don't want to here anymore of this." Then she grabbed her bag and ran. At the moment she wished everything was back to normal. Nothing looked familiar to her anymore.

The girl stopped in front of the woods. Even this didn't seem right. As she entered the woods everything was silent. There was no movement or noise around her. She didn't see any of the animals.

Not knowing if any of the animals were still living she went on walking. As the silence kept going as she walked the girl began to get nervous. On the other hand Snow was alert and ready for anything. He looked around them waiting to see or hear something coming. Straight ahead the girl spotted the house she was looking for.

"I hope that little girl Emerald still lives here. Please be there." She walked slowly up to the porch. Her hand went in to a fist and she knocked three times. After the third knock she heard footsteps.

The door opened and standing in front of Raven was Emerald. "Is it ok if I come in? Sorry I didn't come over that day. I had to go somewhere." "Come on in we were just about to eat lunch.

I'll go set another plate for you." Then she left leaving Raven in the living room herself. She could here curbed doors open and shut. There were plats and the proper utensils placed in the right spot on the table. As she was thinking two little boys appeared in front of her.

She recognized one boy, but not the other. "It's time to eat everyone." Someone said from the other room. The boys ran into the kitchen wile Raven walked in. Everyone went silent as she stepped in the door. As Raven started to turn Emerald said, "Come in and have a seat.

You have already met BB. Our older brother is River. He is sitting next to BB. My mom Kendra is sitting in front of your seat. Rain is our dad and he I sitting next to mom."

Raven stood behind her seat not very hungry. "I just wanted to see if you have noticed anything weird happing around here? I have to go now. See you all latter." Then she left without another word said.

Everyone was quiet in the room as Raven left. Once she got out of the house she ran into her favorite spot in the woods. As she got closer to that spot she smelled dead animals. "This time Emilie has gone too far. Where is that jerk now?

He is so dead." Then she saw a light come on in her hideout. As she got closer the door was open. There was a movement that she could see from where she was at.