Raven went inside and noticed that things were rearranged. She knew exactly who it was. "How on earth did he find this place? No one has ever found my secret hiding spot." She thought. The girl saw a figure move in the other room. Snow was right beside her ready to attack the intruder. She moved slowly across the room to where she saw the shadow move. Her eyes skimmed everything that she passed. As Raven entered the next room Emilien came out of his hiding spot/ "Look who finally desisted to show up.

How do you like what I've done to your hiding spot?" Snow started to growl. He was prepared for his attack towards Emilien. Then the girl bent down and stroked behind Snows ear. The growl started to soften. "Snow you can attack him latter.

At the moment I don't want anyone to fight. How did you find this place? No one has ever been here besides me." "This is the only house a banded and well hidden so I figured it had to be yours. Now there are two people who have seen this ugly place."

"Did you call my home away from home ugly? Now there is going to be a fight." The girl stopped scratching Snows ear and he attacked Emilien. The little guy opened his mouth as wide as he could then bit him. You could hear a scream coming through Emilien's teeth.

He kicked Snows side and he bit down harder. This time the scream was louder. Snow let go and blood streamed down Emilien's leg. Raven stood up slowly keeping her eyes on Emilien waiting for him to do or say something. Nothing was said from either one of them.

The silence was nice and all, but Raven got tired of it really quick. "What do you want around here? Whatever you want you can get it in another town. No leave us alone" "I've already got what I wanted.

It is you trying to defeat me. Till you can do that one simple task I will not leave." "Whatever you say. Snow sick him." Snow did as told and bit Emilien's good leg.

This time he fell to his knees biting his tong not wanting to scream. The girl started to giggle softly. Then she stopped after a few. Her face was starting to hurt from smiling for too long. Snow was at her side once again.

She could smell the little amount of blood in the air. It wasn't as bad as all of the rotting animals lying around. Emilien tore his shirt sleeves off and wrapped them around his bleeding legs. He stood up very slowly legs filling like jelly. This was the best thing Raven could think of to get payback.

Snow was growling softly to where you could barely here him. He is just standing there waiting for Raven to tell him what to do. There was silence between Raven and Emilien. The girl had a small smile on her face. She bent down and whispered something into Snows ear.

He ran off in the opposite direction as he was facing. Raven stood back up and started to walk toward Emilien. As the girl walked black storm clouds started from overhead. There wasn't really much for her to talk to him about. Snow came back a few minutes later with the pocket knife in his mouth.

He nudged Ravens leg with his head. Still keeping her eyes on the boy she bent down and got the pocket knife from Snow. The smell of all of the dead animals was still in the air. Her thumb gradually slid the knife open. Emilien's eyes went wide.

The girls smile got bigger as it started to sprinkle. "What are you scared little boy? Finally it begun to rain again. Let's see what shall we do now for fun? I know lets nock your but out of my town."

Emilien's face begun to turn pail. He didn't know what to do or say. His legs didn't want to work properly when he tried to walk backwards. He couldn't even think s way out of this situation. All you could hear from them being silent was rain drops landing on the tree tops and the roof.

The sound was so peaceful Raven didn't want it to end. Emilien shut his eyes concentrating on wanting to move. That was the wrong move for him to make. Once he took his eyes off of Raven she silently moved behind him. The girl put her k knife around to the front of his through trying not to startle him.

When the boy opened his eyes he started to panic. He didn't see Raven in front of him and he got scared. All his brain could do was tell him to move. His right hand went up to his neck and he felt hers was there. To Raven this was a big game she was playing, but it was life or death for Emilien.

He moved his hand back to his side very quick. The girl was enjoying this as much as he wasn't. The knife was still an inch away from his exposed neck. He had to clear his throat before saying, "What are you going to do with that? Please let me go."

"You will see soon enough. No I will not let you go. If you want to stay in my town you have to go by my rules." The rain started to come down a little harder. With the rain hitting the ground Raven begun to hum a soft ton. Her hand still didn't relax or move from her spot.

Nothing was moving around them. Everything was very still even when the wind blew. The girl looked up to the selling wishing the roof wasn't there. She imagined the rain falling on her face. Her hand then fell just a tad before she moved her head to the original spot.

"Let's go to a bit more comfortable spot. I know how about the front room." The girl removed her hand from his throat, grabbed his arm and drug him back to the front room.

"Where is she? Raven disappeared on us again. She needs to get back soon." "I'm very sorry if your vacation is not going as planned. When Raven gets done with what she has to do she will come back.

What so you want to do while she is gone?" "You can show Kevin and me around town. I want to see what is so special about this place." Buddy didn't say another word to what Mistie just said. He really didn't think his home town was that special.

Then they left Buddy's house and went to see the entire town without going through the ally's. Buddy looked up to the sky and he saw storm clouds hovering around the woods. He was somewhat glad that it was going to rain again. "I hope Raven knows it is raining in the woods." He said to himself.

She finally got the place back to the way it was. Emilien was still staring at the girl in shock. Snow kept his ground up while Emilien was around. Neither one of them said a word while the girl finished. There was a slight knock on the door and everyone froze.

The girl slowly walked to the front entrance. As she got the door opened someone wrapped her in a huge hug. Raven looked down at the person who was hugging her. It was only Nathan. Her shocked face turned to concern for the little boy. As she slowly got back to the moment she heard rain falling on the tree tops once more.

Raven unwrapped Nathans arms from around her and led him inside closing the door behind them. "Finally I found you. Buddy and the others have been looking for you for a while." "Nathan. You and everyone else knows not to look for me and I will look for you all. This is Emilien." She pointed to the boy sitting in the floor in front of the kitchen wall.

"You are not allowed to go near him. He is worse than my parents when they are drunk." Snow got up from his spot and went to Nathan. His tail was wagging back and forth from seeing the little boy. Both Snow and Nathan sat in there spot playing.