Not wanting to be late for her English class for the third time that week Layla ran as fast as she could. As she ran she bumped into everyone that was still in the hall. Everyone that she bumped into she heard them say a few choice words that her parents would use all the time. Being able to ignore them she reached her class right as the bell rang. Quickly walking to her set before the teacher noticed she saw it was occupied. Looking around the room quickly she spotted a set in the middle of where the popular kids sit.

Practically running to the open spot she slowed down enough to glare at the boy in her set. Reaching the popular kids group she got unwanted stairs on her direction as she sat. Halfway listening to the teacher she stared at the new kid. As she stared the imaginary hole she was boring into his skull got bigger. Hearing the teacher say her name she looked upfront. "Yes teach." she said bluntly. Knowing exactly what her teacher wanted she slowly got up out of the set with books in hand and walked out of the room. Giving the boy in her set one last dirty look he smiled at herald sat a note on her textbook. Looking a little confused she finished walking out of the class room. Walking to her locker she carefully unfolded the note without dropping her books in the process. Skimming through the note one sentence caught her attention. "Meet me in the court yard after school my little sweet." she whispered to make sure her eyes wasn't deserving her. When her eyes got to the bottom there was no name signed.

Reaching her locker she refolded the note and stuffed it into her pocket. Staring at the locker door she slowly moved her hand up to the latch and opened it. Not really caring that her English textbook or notebook would get tore-up she shoved them into the locker. Smiling a little she walked to the principal's office, passing the door she waved to the secretary through the glass window. Seeing that the secretary didn't see her she kept walking smiling bigger. Figuring it was around noon she went to the gym to walk laps until her next class. Hearing voices she started to turn around, but she was being pushed closer to the gym.

Not liking the idea of being pushed she planted her feet into the ground as best as she could. Filling the person stop pushing she spun on her heels. Pausing in mid spin shock ran across her face. "What are you doing here? Your suppose to be in class." Layla said quickly. "Come on sweetie don't be like that. Don't you want to know my name? After all I'm new here." the boy said smirking. Crossing her arms and staring at him she kept her mouth shut. Glaring a hole into his head again she stepped to the side and walked past him saying, "Remember the note you gave me? See you after school in the court yard." Giving him one last cold glair she finished walking away. As the day passed Layla wasn't looking forward to seeing that boy again after school even if he was cute. Slapping her forehead she quickly got that thought out of her head. She heard the last bell for school to be out.

Staying in the back corner of the library she finished up the chapter she was on in her book. Closing the lid to yet another good book from "James Patterson" she sighed softly walking slowly out of the school. Still not wanting to talk to him she tried to quickly walk past the court yard until someone grabbed her arm. Not looking she heard him say, "You'r not getting out of this that easily. Come on and be nice to little ol me. I promise that I won't bite." Letting go of her arm Layla turned around slowly. Giving him a cold stair she said, "Like I had a choice in this matter and if you knew me better I don't play nice with others.

Truth be told I will bite given certain situations." Grinning she took one step forward making him step back a tad. Reaching for the note in her pocket she took it out and gave it back to him. Waving bye she said, "I don't need your crappy love letter. I'm fine being by myself." Turning around and walking away she heard him say, "Names Fluke Hutson. I'll see you tomorrow Ms. Layla." Having a cold chill run down her spine she ignored it and kept walking