One stormy and eerie night a small girl played in the yard. Not a moment latter she was grabbed by a teenage man dressed in all black. He put one hand around her mouth and the other around her chest. The little girl kicked and squirmed trying to get free. She managed to get one arm out and elbowed him in the ribs.

This didn't help her at all, but she tried to kick again. This time he let go of her from where she kicked him in the ground. The girl ran as fast as she could in the house. She ran all the way to her sister's room. "Sissy, sissy someone tried to grab me." the little one said hysterically.

"It is ok now little one. No one can hurt you now that I am with you. Stay in here and I will go see if he is still around." The little one stayed in her spot wile her sister went to go see who it was. Kendra went to the front door and opened it wile turning on the porch light.

"Who ever is out there show your self now." She saw a dark shadow move in the distance and stood her ground. "Hi Kendra how are you? I'm so sorry for scaring little Angel. You know she freaks out so easily."

"Come on Kevin I know you like scaring her, but for my sake please stop. Why are you dressed in all black? That is my thing to do." "Ok I will stop doing that. Can I please come in I'm sorry, besides it is raining out here."

Kendra moved out of the way so Kevin could go on in. She pointed to a chair by the door for him to sit in. Then she disappeared in to the other room. A moment latter she came back with two dry towels and threw them at him. Another moment she was gone again.

Going back to her room she saw Angel lying on the bed using her wings as a blanket. She gave her little sister a sweet smile and covered her with a soft blanket. Once it was overtop of her the little wings went back to settle in their normal spot. "Great now where will I sleep for the night? I might just take her bed since she took mine."

Then Kendra slipped out of her room silently and went back to where Kevin was sitting. Both towels were in the floor socking wet wile he was still dripping of rain water where he sat. "Did Angel get to sleep after I scared her?" Fed up with all of this crap Kevin pulls on her sister, Kendra punched him in the jaw with all the force she had. They both heard his jaw crack and he screamed.

"I let you stay in my house and this is how you treat us. Get out of here now before I kick you out myself." Kevin got the hint and ran out of the door fast. Frustrated she went to the back yard and stood there for a few. Once she couldn't here him anymore she jumped off the ground spreading her wings in midair.

Letting her wings carry her up in to the night sky rain drops fell on her face. Reaching the height she lived to be at she flew in circles around the house. Wile the rain pored down her frustration fell with every forceful stroke of her wings. She was enjoying herself a bit to much as she flew further away from her house then she realized. That is when she seen Kevin walking to his own home.

She swooped down to nock him into the puddle of mud face first. He tried to crawl away as fast as he could to get away from whoever attacked him. He started screaming, "Stay away from me! Stay away from me!" Thinking it was a monster after him and not Kendra.

Laughter bubbled up in her chest as she flew away. "I thought him a lesson. Now who is the frightened little boy?" Then she flew back to the yard pulling in her wings in as she landed softly. Letting the rain fall on her face for a few more minutes she went back in the house. Going to her little sisters room she fell on to the bed and fell asleep