Oooh I love it! So beautiful, you really do have a way with words!

You stare at the words as your heart flutters and a wide smile spreads across your face. You try to remind yourself that she is talking in a completely platonic way; she is talking as any good friend might. But your imagination is dancing away with the words and creating scenes where you profess your unrequited love for her and she in turn professes hers for you.

You shake your head and stare back at the screen. The messenger box is open, waiting for your response to her lovely compliment. You want to say 'I wrote it for you!' you want to run to her house and confess everything you've been feeling. But then again, you don't even know what you're feeling, because you're feeling confusion. You're feeling love and warm, fuzzy feelings, but you're also feeling guilt for feeling that way. You're feeling happy for merely being around her but sad for not being truly WITH her. So instead of professing your unrequited love to the girl—scratch that, woman—of your dreams, you merely type a friendly response.

OOOH! Thanks, I'm glad you like it