You couldn't care less, if I told you I cried,

Every night over you, and metaphorically died.

You will never even notice all the tears on my face.

You don't care about things that aren't in your little space.

You'll never read all the poems, or hear the songs that I've sung.

You'll never see my poor squeezed heart that you have daily wrung.

Uncaring and Unknowing, you have broken my heart.

But in this tireless romance, we must each play our part

I, the wretched lover, You, the far-off goal

Other characters wander 'round my emotional black hole

Those who know, those who suspect

And those who treat this matter with little respect.

Many think crushes are temporary things,

Believing that these crushes as important as permanent rings.

I know in my heart though, I'll not be over you quick

My passion will burn as long as an undying wick.

Someday, I may move on and find 'a someone' new

Who might love me truly, and no longer shall I be blue.

Pale and Allusive, Invisible, I wait

Watching you go about, from behind an unseen gate.

You have locked me out of your life and your heart

Still, in this tireless romance, I shall bravely play my part.