"Once upon a time, in a far off country there lived a daring knight. This knight was named Sir Fernand. Sir Fernand protected his country from dragons, thieves, invaders, but most of all, Sir Fernand was The Prince's best friend. The Prince was a selfish man though and Sir Fernand wearied of his greedy complaints. In a whirlwind of fury, Sir Fernand rode off leaving his country and his prince. Sir Fernand came across a man who was wrinkled with age. The man gave him the best advice he had ever been given "Forgive as you wish to be forgiven". Sir Fernand immediately rode back to his country. In the royal castle he found the prince, sick and dying. Sir Fernand cried bitter tears at his own selfishness that drove the Prince to his deathbed. The Prince's last words were to his best friend—Sir Fernand. "Take care of my country and my people. Be their king, you are to be made my heir". Sir Fernand gasped in surprise as the Prince gasped for his last breathe and smiled at his friend. After mourning the Prince's death, the country was better than ever during Fernand's rule. Sir Fernand was a good king and he always remembered to forgive as he would want to be forgiven."

I looked down at my sister. She was sleeping soundly—the story of Sir Fernand always put her to sleep. She demanded it every night though. I tucked her blanket more tightly around her and slipped out of her room.