The Outcasts

Part One-The Reunion

Corey was impatiently waiting outside the Barn house for Shay his mind whirling with what was so important that Shay needed to come up to the farm at Midnight. He had managed to sneak out of the House silently which was a miracle as the floorboards always creaked when you walked over them. He raised the torch in front of him as he heard crunching from the gravel path, it was Shay his oldest friend carrying someone. Corey first assumed that it must of been Shay`s Girlfriend but as he got closer he gave a surprised gasp, lying limp in Shay`s arms was Nell who the last time he saw her was the last day of High School.

"What`s going on Shay?" Corey asked whilst helping Shay with getting Nell inside the Barn house and onto the small sofa,

"She was at the pub by herself...she was off her face"

"Really?! well stay here while I go get a bucket!" Corey patted Shay`s shoulder before heading towards his house, while Shay gently pulled a woollen blanket over Nell sitting himself on the floor in front of her. Corey rushed back into the farmhouse and stopped short in the doorway of the barn house, watching Shay he was sat on the floor in front of Nell stroking her hair that was falling from her face tenderly. Corey composed himself before joining the others placing the bucket on the floor and sitting next to Shay,

"So what actually happened then?"

"Well we all entered the pub and she was sat at the bar knocking back shots...there were these guys she was chatting with but as soon as she passed out they just left her the pricks!"

"So where`s the others?"

"Them! they didn`t want to help I phoned you seeing as I didn`t know where she lived"

"She has changed from what I remember"

"Yeah you should of seen her at the Pub!" our conversation got interrupted as Nell started wrenching, we both instantly rolled her forward and she began puking into the bucket her eyes opening now looking like a frightened little girl in that moment. We had stayed with her all night making sure she was alright, both taking in turns to stay awake while the other got some rest I had to start work at Five so I left the two of them in the Farmhouse, my thoughts on what I saw when I stood in the barn house doorway and wondering if Shay was ever going to admit he liked her! after all no one is that tender if they don`t feel anything do they. Nell opened her eyes slowly, her whole body ached and her head was pounding,

"Ourgh!" Nell began rubbing her forehead,

"Hangover is a bitch isn`t it!"

"Yeah you could say that! uhm thank you for last night Shay!" Nell says sitting up wrapping her arms around her body protectively,

"No need too! It`s cool! so why were you by yourself?"

"I am always alone. I shouldn`t have been there...I just wanted someone to talk to!" Shay shrugged

"Where`s Holly? Aren't you still friends?"

"I pushed her away...I pushed everyone away!"

"Join the club! uh listen I know that we were never close but if you ever need to talk I am here yeah!" Nell blushed taking his hand into hers and squeezed it tightly her heart beating violently inside her chest, which she quickly let go as soon as Corey entered the Barn house both of them looking flushed.

"My Mum says for you to come in for some breakfast!"

"So you told her then"

"Yeah gave me a clip over the ear for being rude and not welcoming you guys in the house!"

"Oh I`m sorry Corey for getting you into trouble!" Nell says walking over to Corey frowning with concern, both Corey and Shay burst out laughing reassuringly,

"It`s alright Nell! no worries!" all three of them headed over to the House walking into the huge Kitchen where the aroma of Bacon was wafting through the air making them all feel hungry,

"Oh morning Shay love! And you are Nell right?"

"Uh yeah thanks!"

" Shay I told Corey that you should of used the spare room it`s much warmer than the Barn house!"

"Nah I like the Barn House! So as usual your cooking smells good!"

"Of course it does love! Now come sit down here you go Nellie!" I smirked over at Corey`s mum as I sat myself at the breakfast table,

"You don`t mind me calling you Nellie?"

"No course not."

"Good I have names for everyone!"

"Really, so what`s yours Shay?"

"Shady" Moira watched the two of them from the stove observing how comfortable and natural they were in each other's company, she couldn`t help but smile watching them as she has alway`s worried about Shay and if ever he would find something which would give him something to believe in and it looks like it was Someone!

"So what you been up to since leaving School?" Nell`s face dropped slightly and she felt her face blush lightly as she answered Corey`s question,

"Um honestly nothing...I have been looking for work but there is nothing out there!" Here was Moira`s chance to make sure that Shay was okay!

"Well I could use someone to help me out round the house if you're interested?"

"Oh wow that would be brilliant!"

"Only thing is you might have to stay on the farm with us"

"Oh well if you guys don`t mind having me?"

"You kidding right be good to have another woman in this house!" Corey and Nell was driving in his range rover so that she could pick up her things she was going to have the spare bedroom. Shay had not long been dropped of at his house an awkward hugging between Nell and Shay made even more obvious to Corey how they felt.

"So Corey is it okay me living with you?"

"Why wouldn`t it be?"

"Just asking, I know we were never BFF`S!"

"No and don`t say BFF`S !"

"Oh sorry!"

"Uh Nell can I ask you something?"

"Yeah course"

"Well um I was just know what never mind!"

"You sure?"

"Yeah it is Nothing!"

"Okay!" Corey was surprised that she didn`t push him for answers because that what his Mother did all the time! But I guess Nell wasn`t the forceful type she never really was when they were in School. Corey remembered when they were in Primary School Nell was always quiet just sitting in the corner of the classroom listen intently to everyone and everything that was going on around her, few people thought that she was slow because she wasn`t speaking but they couldn`t be more wrong if they even tried she was observing and taking in every detail. Corey knew he had to speak to Shay first before sharing with Nell as he knew how much she could get hurt if things didn`t work out. Shay entered his house his heart still beating fast from hugging Nell, still smelling the scent of her hair which reminded him of Cherries,

"Shay where you been?!"

"Uh Louise! How did you get in here?!"

"Your Mum let me in, so answer me then where were you?!"

"Corey`s why?"

"Why? Why? fuck sake Shay I have been ringing you!"

"Listen Louise I`m really not in the mood for one of your bitch fits it`s been a long night!"

"Really well Danny said you left the pub early helping some drunken slapper!"

"DON`T CALL HER THAT! look she is someone I knew from School"

"Right so who is she then?"

"Nell Turner, Known her since Primary School! Happy now interrogation over!"

"For now!"

Lying in bed Nell began thinking about the Events of the day and how nice everyone was, the biggest surprised was Shay he was so sweet and kind to her, in School he would constantly pick on her well not just her most people apart from Corey even though Corey would defend me and tell him to back off. Nell snuggled further under the covers trying hard not to think about Shay knowing that her imagination would get the better of her, I mean why would Shay even look at her in that way! Nell had to laugh at herself for how silly and naive she could be sometimes.