Chapter 37

"What is it?" I asked.

Honoria ignored me and continued to scan the map. Hundreds of dotted lines followed the exact same path out of Praya. Her map didn't display what was outside the city gates, so it most likely meant that she had never left Praya. There were still a few stray players wandering around the city, but other than that, it was a ghost town.

"Why are all the players wandering out of Praya?" Flower asked.

Honoria closed the map with a heavy sigh. She bit on her thumb and began to mumble. Even though she was so strong, I could see alert in her eyes.

"I don't know," Honoria eventually answered. "I don't know what is outside the city gates, so I don't know why Yamil would send the dead players over there."

She turned to me. "Is there anyone coming? Anything? Queenstown players?"

I froze. She was a sharp one. I had almost forgotten that Sven and Safire were coming this way. I told Honoria that two large groups of Queenstown players were coming this way with Praya as the main rendezvous point for all the groups.

With her hands behind her back, she stared out of the window like a poet gazing across the landscape for inspiration. But she wasn't looking for inspiration, she wanted a solution.

"I once met Gavin," she said. "And I didn't see all of it, but I saw some of the code that Gavin wrote to create Yamil. Gavin wasn't a perfectionist. He considered himself somewhat of an artist and he told me that he understood that perfection is nothing but a concept of the human mind. It is not something that can achieved by a human. He knew that, but what he hated the most was to have other people ruin the purity of his work. His ego gave birth to Yamil. He created Yamil to keep everyone out of Praya."

"But why are the players going outside Praya to protect it?" I asked.

"If your Queenstown players came to Praya and the fighting happened inside the city, it would damage the city, wouldn't it?" Honoria returned.

That shut me up. Gavin didn't want the slightest bit of damage to his precious creation, even it was only an illusion played in our minds by the server computer. Maybe that was why the Gate Guardians for Praya were so much stronger than the Gate Guardians for Queenstown. I glanced at Thunder. I wonder if she knew that her father had such a large ego.

"If Yamil is programmed to carry out large scale fighting outside Praya, then which location is programmed into his protocol?" I asked.

"The outer most area where Gavin had access as the chief Praya developer," Honoria said. "The Tea House village."