In the eyes of our father, we weren't our names, no, why would our names mean anything? They were just ways of telling us apart. No, to our father we were not our names, we were what we inspired. So to him we were Calliope, Clio, Thalia, Erota, Urania, Euterpe, Meipomene, Polyhymnia, and Terpsicore. The 9 Greek goddesses of the arts. To our mother though, well we weren't so pretty in her eyes. To her, we were the 9 rings of Hell, Limbo, Lust, Greed, Violence, Gluttony, Anger, Heresy, Fraud, and Treachery. To the rest of the world we were

*Mercury (her real name)/Thalia (Father's chosen name for her, she always had a knack for getting people to smile)/ Heresy (Mother's name for her),

*Aphrodite(Father wouldn't let Mother name her Venus)/Clio(our history buff)/Treachery (Mother finds history boring),

* Jord(Earth)/Calliope (if Aph was our history buff, Jord made up A LOT of tall tales)/Limbo(I don't even know)

*Mars/Meipomene/Anger(what do you except for a girl named after a war God?)

*Jupiter/Erato (always saying some couplet or another about love) /Lust (because all of Jupiter's moons are named after all of Zeus's various lover's)

*Cordelia (Even Mother found a name like Uranus cruel, so they named her after one of its satellites instead) /Uraina(she was always looking at the stars, the sky, anything that was up.)/Greed(Mother always said "She looks up there because she wants everything it has")

*Neptune/Euterpe(she was such a pretty singer)/Gluttony("she just wants money for a little song, well caged birds don't get paid either." Mother had always said on her behalf)

*Persephone (wife of Pluto, she was so scared when she heard Pluto wasn't a planet anymore, it was another reason for mother to hate her most)/Polyhymnia(she always prayed so hard for things, acceptance the most.)/Fraud ("she just wanted attention,she didn't believe in any of it")

We were the Muse family, maybe you noticed, or maybe not, that there was a planet, a muse, and a ring of Hell missing.

That's me, Saturn (born after Jupiter, before Cordelia)/Terpsichore(I could bust a move, I tell you what)/Violence( I have a temper, so what? I can only take so much crap I hear about my sisters before I snap, trust me, you probably would too).

So, at this point you might be able to tell my family is a bit dysfunctional ... okay, more than a little (more than a lot) . I am 13 years old, we were all born within a year of each other, so you can figure out the rest. We live in a church, or at least it used to be a church. It was a BIG church. It kinda had to be with 9 girls between the ages of 18 and 9, and Mother.

Mother got her own corner of the house after Neptune got asthma, she only moved because otherwise she'd have to give up some of our child support to the medics for inhalers and stuff. Mercury had always taken care of us, her and Father, who, for reasons beyond my comprehension, stayed by our side(s) even though Mother had at least 7 side-lovers (I have 7 sisters that prove this theory). Mother didn't want us, but she wanted the child support so she 'put up' with us. I don't know what made me think of that summer, the one where we went to the best place ever, but when I did, I couldn't help but review everything about it, all the little details.

I don't suppose you'd like to hear it? It all started the May before the best summer of my life...

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