"Saturn! Saturn! Help!" I could hear Neptune yell from outside. I ran to the other side of the road from the front lawn of the house; Neptune's tiny body had gotten stuck in a little limestone crevice while she had been adventuring around, singing all the while(once or twice before I had wondered if birds would follow her like in those cartoon princess movies).

"How did you even get down there?" I asked incredulously. "I dropped Lily down here and I tried to get her but I fell! I have another cut on my knee and it hurts and there's spiders in here!" She cried out in pain, Nep had a tendency to panic, especially when you throw her greatest fear and her cheap plastic doll Lily into the mix.

"Good God just put your arms up and I'll lift you out." I explained, this was the second time this week she hadn't been paying enough attention to the fact that she was 4'5 and small enough to fit into damn pockets of dirt and limestone! She lifted her skinny little arms up and I pulled her out, she did have a decent gash on her knee.

"Come on yah little twerplette, lets go get'cha cleaned up." I said gently, "Get Lily!" Nep yelled at me, I shot her a look, I did not just get her out of a hole in the marshes to get yelled at. "Please? She doesn't like the wet ground in there." She asked pleadingly. I rolled my eyes and reached deep down into the thin mudpit until I could grip the mud covered doll. I carefully got back up, being careful to avoid the sharp limestone shelves. "Here. Now go find Mer, you need to get that cleaned before it gets infected." I said, pointing to the two inch scratch that went from Nep's tiny knee cap to the top of her calf. She nodded and ran off; I decided to go find Cori, she would be checking the clouds for the daily forecast.

"Cori! Cori! Come on it's almost time for the party." I called out through the thick trees. "Over here!" She called back to me; she was sitting at a stagnant pool of water, I didn't see the appeal, half of the puddle was covered in thick green gook. "I can see the clouds in the water, see?" She asked quietly. I looked at the clouds, the water was smooth as glass, I took a pebble and dropped it in, admiring the ripples it made.

"Why'd you do that?" Cori asked, a slight scrowl on her pretty little face. "Parrrr. Teeeee." I said in two slow syllables. "Aww, why do I have to?" She begged with a little pout; for some reason she always had something against Jupiter. "Because she's your sister and we have to get there or we'll miss the pig!" I explained, Cori perked up and started following me back to the house. It had been a tradition since I was old enough to walk, that whenever one of us would had a birthday party, a sinister prank would be played in Mother's absence.

This year, it involved a pig and we were all very excited.

"D'yah got Shirley ready?" I asked Aph, it was her turn to take charge of the prank. "Yep, she's squealing and ready to run!" She said quietly, smiling. Shirley was the pig, she was dressed up in Mother's favorite scarf, we were gonna let her lose as soon as we started singing 'Happy Birthday'. It was supposed to be great. If we had known just how bad things were about to get, we would've started walking to Lake Olympus then.