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Well, to be perfectly fair, we all knew SOMETHING was very wrong here.

"Do you think he just met his last straw?" Aph theorized.

"No, if it were that easy we'd have gotten rid of her before now." Mars said; we all had our ideas, but I was just happy that the wicked witch was long gone.

"Girls. Come on, you need to get packed." Father said bright and early the next morning.

"For what?" Cori asked, her brown hair standing up on its ends.

"You're going to Lake Olympus Summer Camp for the arts. The one of the camps I run, now get packing."

Now, of course we knew that Father ran camps and a few small boarding schools, but Mother always insisted we stay home during the summer. And winter. And fall. And spring, if only to be her slaves and punching bags. I guess by then though Father decided to give us a chance elsewhere.

Meh, worked for me, then of course a thought occurred to me

"Wait a second! It's official! We must be demi-gods! We are artistic, our last name is Muse! Our real mom must be like Aphordite or something! It's official!" I declare, shoving as many mesh shorts and t-shirts as I could into my suitcase while sporting out my Percy Jackson reference theory.

"Yeah. Right. And maybe Dad is really a Greek God too, and maybe Annabeth will ask us to fight, and maybe we're really just in a huge dream. Hell, maybe I'm a fish." Jord said, rolling her eyes all the while.

"You can't kill my mood today woman! We're going to a co-ed camp for the arts! The arts! The ones we have been working at since we could walk!" I declared again, shoving some last essentials into my suitcase. A bus came to pick us up, a BUS, it had 7 kids already on it, 18 seats, it was cleaner then any yellow school-style bus should ever be, and it smelled like violin string resin. I loved it. "Hey, my names Alex, wanna seat? If you don't find a partner now you might have to deal with a wierdo once we get going closer to camp." A girl offered me, evidently Alex. I excepted and threw my duffel bag on the seat in front of us like hers was, pretending that I had done this before.

"So, I don't suppose you have a name do you?" Alex asked me, I nodded and said "Saturn". She nodded and watched out the window, asking me questions once in a while that I answered with less then 3 words; had I ever gone to Lake Olympus before? What was my specialty art? Were all the girls who got on with me my sisters? I asked her some questions too, but she used more words, painting me a better picture of what she was like. It was a three hour ride,

but it was well worth it when I saw the camp.