They truly were a pair to be matched, partners in crime, stealing a cracker from one of Alice's little sisters to an extra correct question on a final. Tomas was useful to have around. That was that for a good three months, until one day when the leaves started to change and the last bit of heat was escaping the atmosphere. Alice was once again reading in the yard, THAT yard, when Tomas came up and started talking in riddles; "So, I was just thinking that if you like those guys you're always telling your friends about why are you still single? I mean really, I know you hate it but YOLO. Why not just jump off the deep end completely and go for one of them?" He sprouted, waving his hands around as Edna and Edward (another dear friend of Alice's starred on in confusion). "Was there a point to that little rant?" Edy asked, tilting her head to the side. Edward whispered something into her ear, "I know but not a one of them would admit it." Edy said, smirking in that mad-man crazy side smile she had. "What?" Alice asked in a heavy, acidic tone; it was enough for her friends to be trying to get her to date, now Tomas too? He looked like he wanted to find a nice rock to crawl under, "Geez Tom, if you're going to do something, do it." Edward said, in the months that Alice had known him, he hadn't said anything to anyone other then Edy. Evidently it meant something because in the moment between Edward speaking and Alice asking questions, Tomas kissed her! Once it sunk in, three out of four fools present turned red as tomatoes. Tom ran off, Alice sat in shock and Edy laughed her ass off.