A Monster's Centre

12:15 am

The police came and my dad was carted off to the hospital. The chief, Devon's dad, wanted to ask me some important questions so I had to go through a tight bandage until I could get some stitches.

"You say you found your father on the floor, no indication until you heard a voice." I nodded, not wanting to talk. "Could you see the face of your attacker?"

"Too dark." I lied, I couldn't help it. I had made up my mind to lie when they arrived until I could figure this out for myself. I know it seems like the wrong thing to do, but think about it. If Aaron is here, he must know where Paul is. If I tell the police, they'll be everywhere and I'll have no chance or the trust to find out from Aaron. A nurse came over giving the chief a stern look.

"This girl has endured enough questions, she's wounded. You had no right to keep her anyway." I was taken to another ambulance, but then someone hopped in and they took my hand. "Who are you?"

"Family." Her face was disbelieving but she ignored him as she undid my tight bandage.

"Devon? What are you doing here?" He took my hand and shook his head.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, just a little scratch, nothing I can't handle."

"Just a scratch?" I glared at the nurse but she didn't seem to notice. "These are deep wounds. It looks like you got attacked by an animal." I looked at my abdomen and realised she was right.

"It looks like-" I hissed in false pain to get Devon to shut up. I knew he was going to compare it to the scar on my shoulder I received at my birthday. This isn't the first time I had lied about events. "It's going to be okay."

"Perfectly," The nurse agreed, "Some stitches and you'll be fine." I groaned. I hated stitches since the first time I had them. The mark on my shoulder had been deep and they had to stitch it. It was painful, I hated it. Needles are my worst enemy.


"It's the last one I promise." I shook my head wriggling away from the female doctor who seemed so nice at first. I was holding on to Devon for dear life, trying to ignore the pain, but I made him bleed just by squeezing his hand with my nails. I was way past that now though, I was on to hugging his arm like a ledge I was about to fall off; I was not letting go. "One more and it's done." She came at me but I yelled and buried my face into Devon's shirt.

"Let her finish Keelie, and we can go see your dad, he's probably worried." I shook my head. "I know you hate this but it has to be done. I hate this too." I took a deep breath and then turned around to face the doctor. She looped through making me squeal, but then she cut it and it was done.

"Where's daddy?"

1:37 am

We found my dad and I hugged him and would not let go. I was having a turn at being a baby, which was making everyone laugh. My dad smiled, which was still an accomplishment in itself.

"I want you stay with Devon until I get discharged."

"I don wan go daddy!" I said shaking my head. He smiled brighter and stroked my head.

"I can't leave, because of the heart attack-"

"What heart attack?" I said more seriously. He sighed, making me think back to why we were here in the first place. "What did you tell the police?"

"They haven't questioned me yet. What did you tell them? What did you see?" He hadn't seen his attacker? "I guess I must have been so shocked, I had a heart attack and repressed the memory." I thanked heaven above he didn't know.

"I didn't get a good look." I grabbed his nose playfully," I was more worried about you." He hugged me from the bed and kissed my forehead.

"I want you safe so don't go home alone if you have too. Stay with the chief and his son. Safest place for you to be." I nodded and stepped back into Devon's arms. "Take care of her."

"Yes sir." Devon said seriously. As we were walking out, my dad yelled out to us.

"Sorry about your stitches, I know you hate them because of the first time." I smiled and walked away.

2:15 am

They put gauze and a bandage over my stitches and told me I could leave. The chief had someone bring Devon's car to the hospital and we got to his big house 20 minutes later.

"Where do you keep your chocolate?" My first question when we got in. He hugged me to him and laughed.

"You don't need chocolate."

"Yes I do, just tell me where it is." He turned me to him, lacing his fingers with mine.

"You needing chocolate means your scared or uncomfortable. It's your comfort food." I squinted at him.

"You know me so well."

"You don't need chocolate, you can just talk, to me?" I kissed him on the cheek.

"I want to forget, help me do that and maybe..." I walked away looking through drawers in the kitchen.

"Maybe what?" I shrugged. "You didn't finish that sentence." I sauntered to the living room and sat on the couch. He followed and sat next to me. I stared in the other direction until a chocolate digestive biscuit pack flew into my vision. I swiped them and began devouring cookies. He just watched, which was what Devon did. He was an observer, that's what made me notice him more than I already had. He watched and learned unlike other people. It was part of what I liked about him. That's how he learned my limits, he didn't have to ask or be scolded about things like that. Devon and I had never had a fight, unlike Aaron and me who had small fights often, though they got worse near the end. After my fifth cookie, he took the package away and looked at me.


"Finish your sentence." I leaned into him smiling.

"What sentence?"

"The one about maybe..." I leaned in closer, giving him the okay to kiss me. It was soft at first but I wrapped my arm around his neck pulling him closer.

"Your dad..." I said gasping for air.

"...isn't home." He kissed my neck softly making me feel perfect, the way he always could. I deepened a kiss as his hands searched my body gently making me think back...

A year and a half ago

"Give it to me!" I said laughing as I chased Aaron past the swimming pool towards the forest. He had taken my snake bracelet, the one he had bought for me, that I loved more than any other piece of jewelery I owned. I ran past tree after tree trying to catch up to him. He was headed to the birch we would always picnic under.

"Come on baby, almost there." I laughed and took his cap when I caught him. I put it on my head laughing.

"My bracelet for your hat." He pushed me against the tree, hard. His kiss was hungry, daring, questioning. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he deepened the kiss, his tongue invading my mouth. I realized a second later, that we were on the ground. The hat had fallen away and the bracelet was right beside it. Aaron sprouted kisses down my neck, squeezing my waist as he did so. His nails dug into my sides as they traveled up under my sweater. I gasped, but he covered my mouth with his lips again.


Everything he did, I remember with clarity. The intoxicating pain; I knew what he was doing was hurting me but I wanted more of it. At some point he licked my neck making me tingle. Of course Paul came out looking for us so we stopped and tried to look like we had just been joking around trying to get our things back. Being like this with Devon made me think he was being to careful with me. I felt as if I was made of glass, either that or he was teasing me. He even had this rule that if I looked like I was in distress he would stop.

We were still in the same position, and strangely enough I didn't like how slow he was being with me. I pushed him down on the sofa and put my tongue in his mouth. His reaction surprised me to the core. He grabbed me tight and his kiss showed need. His hands roamed up and down and I could barely breathe. I tried to pull away but he had an iron grip. I moved and he grabbed my wrist, squeezing until I yelled.

"Oww!" He jumped up and ran across the room. He wasn't even breathing heavily but looked so scared. I moved my hand but flinched. My wrist hurt...a lot.

"It might be sprained."

"I doubt it, you couldn't have - Owww!" He slowly came back to the couch and took my hand gently. He held it and squeezed. I was about to pull away when I felt a release of pain. "Hey? How did you-"

"My dad taught me, it's just a hand thing." I made an O with my mouth. "Look, I'm sorry-"

"Don't, it's okay. I should go to sleep anyway, I have work and stuff." he nodded.

"Think about England a lot more too."

"I will." I said calling back to him.