A Final Chapter

In my mind I can be there again,

amongst dust and ink and leaf.

A chasm of unexplored wonder waits;

I'm impatient to see what it can bequeath.


Hail taps rapidly on the glass above,

mimicking the rapid thump in my chest.

The sky is dark blue like my wandering eye

and I need to explore the rest.


It's the first time I feel I've been let free

to travel to anywhere I couldn't imagine.

Among pirate ships and puppets who wish

and mythical creatures from the cavern.


They must be able to see the sparkle

of bliss and awe within my eyes,

because it blinds even me as I survey

the lonely boy that never dies.


I yearn to hide in here forever,

playing with the fae amidst the stacks,

but sadly the storm is coming to pass

and I must pick one from the racks.


A twinge of unease sparks my mind

as I steal my favourite tale

from it's friends of far off places

and the Indian's piercing wail.


But I can't help but feel at home

with the pages beneath my hands,

for I shall play with the strange creatures now

and venture into bizarre fairytale lands.


It saddens me to come back here

when there is more dust than ink and leaf.

When no child wants to scratch the surface

and marvel at what awaits beneath.