A/N: this is based on my poem walk with me. I plan to upload it soon so if you want to read it go right ahead but it is not required to understand this story. i don't know if this is any good but here it is...

I smiled slightly as we stood under the tall oak tree that was just off to the side of the dirt road we had been walking. I extend my hand and continue to smile "Will you walk with me?" I asked

You smile slightly and your blue eyes sparkle when the light from the sun hits them "of course" you reply

We start to walk on the dirt road that wasn't far from the oak tree.

"How far are we going?" you ask casually

"To the end" I reply as the wind blows and move my hair ever so slightly

We took our time and enjoyed our surroundings. We looked at the flowers and then trees. We talked as we walked and we told stories of our day.

We walked and walked until the sun began to set we stopped and headed over to another big oak tree. We sat and watched the sun set. We lay under the big oak tree and looked up at the stars. We closed our eyes not caring if there will be tomorrow.

We awaken under the big oak tree as the sun begins to rise.

"Let's get going" I say standing up and you grab my and to stop me

"Let's watch the sunrise" you say smiling "lets enjoy this moment. Let's take our time"

We watched the sunrise from our spot under the big oak tree. The sun rose slowly casting its light onto the slumbering Earth. The wind blows slightly and it makes my hair dance and a few loose strands got stuck on my face. After a while you stand up and brush yourself off. Then you extend your hand to me and help me up.

We walk back onto the dirt road from the big oak tree hand in hand. We reach the road and I stop and so do you. I look down the path as far as I can and I see it, the end. I didn't realize that it was that close and I feel my body freeze and you look at me.

You smile slightly and then lean in so you can whisper in my ear.

"Don't worry I'll be with you the whole way" you whisper and I start to smile and we continue on

We walk slowly on the dirt road enjoying the scenery and the different views. Your smile begin to fade and I feel the atmosphere around us change.

"I've been here once before" You say seriously almost sadly

"So how does it end?" I asked using the same tone as him

You smile slightly and we continue on in silence. We walk slowly until we reached a hill. The hill was bigger than most and from where we stood you couldn't see the other side.

"This is it" You say seriously and you turn and look at me "the final leg of the journey"

I nod sadly and you use your thumb to wipe away my stray tears away.

"You can turn back if you want" you say smiling sadly and I shake my head "I can't"

You nod and take my hand and we continue on slowly. The hill was steep and it felt like we've been climbing forever but we finally reached the top. The sun began to set casting an orangish glow across the land.

We stood at the top watching the sun set one final time. "It's the last one" you say watching it descend slowly

"Yeah" I replied quietly as the last of the sun began to disappear behind the land.

"Shall we go?" you asked offering me your hand. I nod and take your hand and we start on our final journey down the steep hill.

The stars begin to twinkle above our heads and I smile. We look up at the stars as we continue to walk. The hill finally ran into flat ground and we finally stopped watching the stars.

We look ahead and see that we are much closer to it than before. We glance at the stars one final time and then continue on.

I watch as the path ahead of us becomes shorter and shorter and fear was staring to form in the pit of my stomach.

"We're here" you say quietly as the dirt path comes to and end

We have finally reached it, the end.

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