A whisper, perhaps, would call them back,

Some text will do, but it's inky black,

Their despairing hearts, personalities renewed,

But never the same, they're completely new,

How could their thoughts remain the same-

If they're only seen as trash and lame?

Like they're filth, pushed aside,

Deep down they know Creator lied,

Never would they be famous,

Never would they be known,

Characters now aimless,

And Creator takes her throne,

"Creator's just taking a break." "Creator is just resting."

"Creator is just late." "Creator's just forgetting."

They know they're lost, when pushed aside,

And they clearly know Creator lied,

They knew they would not become famous,

They knew they would never be known,

Characters forgotten,

While Creator takes her throne.

This is something I'm planning to use for a future story. it's kind of based around me, in the way I lose interest in writing a story. The story behind it is a writer who often gets bored of stories she writes, and gives up. This is the point of view of the many characters who are forgotten, while maybe once in a while, something is written that get's completed, the old characters are simply left to fade away, if that makes any sense?

Reviews? :3