something is blooming in the cavity of my chest,

it's bright and wonderful and makes me want to sing the colors of the rainbow.

when i close my eyes, you are there. you haunt my dreams

and my daydreams

and the back of my eyelids.

when you smile, my heart swells with a happiness so great, i feel as if

it will explode into the world and shower the miserable streets.

everyone will stop what they are doing and run outside and dance

i'm completely dysfunctional lately, all i do is doodle stars in the corner of my notebooks

and hum tunes that remind me of you.

you come over and say hey, like you standing there,

smelling like oranges and cologne,

isn't about to give me a heart attack.

please realize you love me too

so i can finally snap out of this voodoo love-spell and

continue with my life.