Why I'm the Biggest Chicago Cubs fan

By: John Enverga

I became interested in the Chicago Cubs and baseball after my mom took me to Wrigley Field for the 2003 NLDS against the Atlanta Braves. My mom was already a big Cubs fan. I was just a bit acquainted with baseball before that series but as I watched more and more, I was screaming loudly after every run scored by a Cubs batter and every out recorded by a Cubs pitcher. I shared every Cubs fan's sorrow upon the Cubs' defeat at the hands of the Florida Marlins in the following NLCS. But even as the Cubs went down, my interest in them never waned. Just as the rest of the fans always wait until next year, so did I.

I've continued to be a Cubs fan, even though I went to school at the Illinois Institute of Technology, which is near White Sox turf. Even when the White Sox won it all in 2005, I still maintained my passion for the Cubs. On my way to school or downtown I always pass by Wrigley Field - both of the routes I take, bus and train, pass by there. Wrigley is like a neighbor to me, being a fellow North Sider and all. I enjoy using the businesses around the area. As I go back home from school or downtown, I check the flag after every game to see if there's a white or blue flag hanging from the stadium rooftop.

I always tune my radio to AM 720 to listen to the Cubs and watch them play on TV whenever I can, and I don't even have cable. I have continued to root with the same fervor as I did when I first became a true fan. I am always eagerly awaiting until next spring to watch or listen to them again.