Chapter 1: Back to School

Lewis Carter. Most people call him Lew. He was considered popular at Buckingham High. And no, we do not live in London. We live near Laguna Beach, the place where MTV shot one of their famous reality shows in. Anyways, Lew and I are best friends, and we always have been. He has this wavy black hair and that drop dead smile that makes all the girls in the room have heart attacks. I've never look at him that way. He was just an old family friend that I've known for a while. As for me, I'm not so drop dead gorgeous and all the guys don't come crawling for me. It's more like they crawl away from me and my fizzy red hair. Most people ask themselves why Lewis Carter, one of the most popular guys at school, is best friends with me. Trust me, I ask that question to myself too. And I honestly don't know why.

"Syrena, Syrena. Wakey, wakey. You don't want to be late for senior year." The sound of Lew's voice echoed in my head as I was sleeping silently on the bus to school.

"SYRENA!" Lew shouted in my ear. My eyes quickly flew open and I sat up so fast, like a bullet has just been shot through my heart, that I slammed my forehead on the seat in front of me.

"Ow." I mumbled while rubbing my left hand on the spot between my eyes. I turned to look at Lew, still rubbing my head, and gave him a glare. He looked at me, grinned, then stood up and walked down the aisle to leave the bus.

"See ya Sur!" Then Lew left the bus and I could see him walk past my window and wave to me. He caught up with his group of popular friends and gave them all "bro" hugs.

I gathered up my bags and fixed my glasses so that it was in the right positionn. I headed toward the aisle and walked to the exit of the and bus hopped out. A group of girls were in my way giving each other hugs and talking about their summer. They were in short shorts and tank tops so that all the guys can see their bra straps. They gave me a glare when I walked out of the bus and whispered to each other.

"Look its troll girl. Her hair is so big I could find my lunch money in there. Did you hear that she hasn't taken a bath in a week?" A girl in a light pink tank top whispered into her friends ear while glaring at me.

"I can hear you guys. For your information, I've taken a shower more than you have. At least I don't have armpit smell radiating off of me. And I don't really give a damn." I shouted while raising my right eyebrow up. I really don't care about what people think of me. I'm like that Jamie Sullivan girl from A Walk to Remember By:Nicholas Sparks. She really doesn't care what people think about her even though she has only one sweater, well now two. The only thing that is different between us is that she has cancer and an amazing boyfriend. But I'm not into boys that much, not actually at all. I mean I do have a guy best friend but I don't like him. Who has time for boys? All they give you is a kid, and I don't want to be on that Teen Moms show on TLC. A girl from my school is already on that show. Cameras follow her everyday..

When I walked inside the school building, a bunch of people were kissing against the lockers and talking to their loved ones, including Lew. He's been going out with one of the popular girls at our school. Her name was Alexa Smith. In my opinion she was one of the biggest bitch in the school. She's nice to me but that's only because Lew tells her too. She also really hates me too because Lew hangs out with me more than her. She always offers me a piece of gum but I never accept it. I mean who knows, she could poison that thing because she hates me so much.

I looked for locker 693, which was obviously mine. I passed by lockers 687, 688, 689, 690, 691, 692, and when I reached 693, Alexa was kissing Lew right next to my locker, locker 694, which was hers. She stopped kissing Lew and looked at me while Lew caressed her neck.

"So I see your locker is right next to mine. That's great! We could be locker buddies!" Alexa exclaimed and then flipped her blonde hair.

"Yeah no. Maybe not." I replied to her. I turned to my locker and put in my combination, 09-49-35. Three twists clock wise past zero, put 9 to the arrow, onew twist counter clock wise past that number, put 49 at the arrow, and then put 35 at the arrow. I opened my locker and started putting my books in. I heard Lew say good bye to Alexa and gave her one more peck on the lips. When I closed my locker Alexa was staring at me.

"You stay away from Lewy." She ordered.

"Um no thanks. I don't take orders from a slut bag."

"He's mine not yours. I'm the one dating him."

"Not my problem. I can't help it if he wants to hang out with ME."

"Listen up you little bitch. You stay away from Lewy or else I will rip you apart with all my might."

"With what might? You can barely do a pull up in gym."

"Stay the hell out of our relationship. I'm dating him and you're not."

"He's only dating you for fun. If he really loved you then he would have taken you to his cabin."

"And how would you know that little bitch?"

"Because I've been there and he has taken his other girlfriends there as well. He's just screwing around with you hun. Now take a chill pill and get the hell out of my face."

Just before she had anything to say, the bell rang and everyone rushed to their first classes. Alexa gave me a glare and went to her class. I started walking to my English class with Mr. Barnes which was on the second floor. I took the stairs up and walked into a classroom full of paper airplanes. Mr. Barnes wasn't there yet, but I kept walking and saw Lew sitting at the back of the classroom sitting on the top of his desk talking to his friends. I sat in the front of the room and pulled out a book to read. I heard the door open and footsteps. I could hear girls huff and giggling. There are only two people in this school that make girls do that, Lew Carter and Landon Adams, Lew's best friend. Landon Adams was popular too. He was co-captain of the soccer team just like Lew and he was a pain in the ass. We've never ever had a good conversation without him calling me a bitch.

Landon walked to the back of the classroom where Lew was. I overheard Landon saying that he broke up with Rebekah, one of Alexa's bitchy friends.

"Yeah she's a pain in my ass." I heard Landon saying to Lew.

Then Mr. Barnes walked in and cleared his throat. He wrote his name on the board and began to introduce himself.

"Hello everyone. Good to see you again. If you don't know me, I'm Mr. Barnes, with a B. And for your information B as in Barnes not bitch. Let me go over some rules. If you misbehave you will be writing me a 15,000 word essay about what you did and how you should fix it. If you do not turn in two assignments, you will be given a detention for two weeks. If you talk shit in my class, you will get a two week detention. If you fight in my classroom, you will have a month of detention, get taken off of a team or club you are in if you are in one, and 12 hours of community service. I am allowed to do that. So if you want to talk to the principal about it, sorry, you will not get what you want. If you do not take this class seriously then get the hell out of high school and work at McDonalds folks. Am I clear?"

Nobody replied.

"Good. We shall begin."

After my fifth hour, I went to lunch. I grabbed one of the trays and asked four mashed potatoes, chicken tenders, broccoli, and milk. Then, I paid the lunch lady and went table 15. Nobody sat at the table because it was by the bathrooms. I usually sit by myself, no one really likes me because I'm ugly. I get that a lot. I pulled out my favorite book, A Walk to Remember By: Nicholas Sparks. I'm crazy about the book/movie. If I finish the book by today, it will be my 99th time reading it. It never gets old.

I heard huffing and giggling again. This means Lew and Landon entered the cafeteria. I turned to look at them and I could see Lew giving his friends high fives and flicking his chin to the ladies. Landon was doing the exact same thing. They were practically like brothers, more like twins. I heard whispers from all the girls in the room.

"Did you hear that they broke up?"

"He's single. It's my turn to be his girlfriend."

"I'm going to be Mrs. Landon Adams."

I turned around and I noticed Lew walking over to my table. He pulled out a seat and sat down. He looked at me with his puppy dog green eyes and smiled.

"Why hello creep. What brings you to the loser table?" I asked him politely. He leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head.

"I'm going to sit here. I hope you don't mind."

"Aren't you going to sit buy Landon and Alexa? I'm not cool. So don't even try to sit next to me to make people like me because I'm just unlikeable."

"Who says your unlikeable?"

"Who says I am likeable?" My mother once told me, answer a question with a question.

"Besides Alexa is going to freak if she sees you sitting at the same lunch table as me. And what about Landon? Who is he going to sit by? Leave!"

"Well then I break up with her. And Landon, he's got other people to sit by. Or if he wants, he can sit by us."

"No, no, no, no, no. Landon Adams is not going to sit with us. Just don't sit here it's going to cause drama and gossip, and I don't like drama and gossip. And you know that."

"Come on Sury, it's our senior year and I want to spend some time with you at school."

"Don't call me Sury. Besides, I like eating by myself. I'm used to it."

Well you're going to have to find a different lunch table because I'm sitting here. You can't make me move. I, Lewis Carter, shall sit here for the rest of the year with my best friend."

"Lew!" He didn't reply.

"Lew get out of my table!" Before I knew it, everything was silent and the whole cafeteria was staring at our table. I looked at Lew and he was lying back with his hands behind his head, legs on the table, and his eyes closed. I stood up and quietly whispered to him.

"Fine you can sit here. Just please don't make a scene." Lew opened his eyes and smiled.

"Thank you." He said and grabbed a pice of chicken tender and popped it into his mouth. I gave him a glare and sat back down to eat my lunch. The whole cafeteria finally looked away at us and continued doing their own thing. Lew picked up my book and began playing with the pages.

"You're reading this book again. Isn't this like the 100,000 time? It's not even good."

"For your information, if I finish it today, it will be my 99th time. And it is amazing; you haven't even read the book or watched the movie."

"Then I shall watch it Saturday night at my house."

"Are you asking me to watch the movie with you?"

"Why? Do you want to be asked?" He's answering a question with a question. Smart kid.

"Haha no, but sure, I will watch it with you. But I'm going to bring a lot of tissues.."

"Ok but you don't need to bring any for me. I'm not the crying type of person."

"Oh, are you so sure Mr. Carter? Because this movie will make you shed tears like a baby."

"Oh I'm sure Ms. James." Lew grinned.

After lunch I went to chemistry. Lew, Landon, and Alexa were in the same class as me. The chemistry teacher Mrs. Thorne, already gave us an lab experiment. It's the first day of school and we already have to do an experiment. She wrote everybody's names that was on the right hand side of the classroom on a sheet of paper and then put it in a hat. Everybody on the left side of the room got to pick. When it was Alexa's turn to pick, she got Lew. I turned to look at Lew and he smiled at her. When it was my turn, I reached for the strip of paper at the very bottom of the hat. I got Landon, damn. When I said his name out loud, he looked at me and gave me a "shit" look and I gave him one right back.

When everybody was doing picking their partners, we met up and discussed everything, who's going to do what and all that stuff. I walked over to Landon's table. He was clamping on his gum and stared at me with his blue eyes. He brushed his blonde hair and then sat up straight.

"So are you going to sit or not?" He asked me. I sat down and pulled out my chemistry notebook. I wrote down all the stuff we need and who's going to do what. Apparently, I'm stuck with all the research while he has to gather the stuff. This is typically what Landon gets to do whenever he has to do a project or experiment with someone.

"Ok so you are bringing in the vinegar, baking soda, alka seltzer, and salt. And I will do the research." I was just making things clear.

"Sure." Landon looked out the window and flicked his pencil back and forth.

"Ok just to let you know, are you free next week so we can work on putting everything together before the experiment? Mrs. Thorne says it's 30% of our grade this semester."

"Listen bitch. I do not want to hang out with you and your fricken chemistry lab experiment. It's bullshit. I don't like you remember. I don't care if Lew sits next to you at lunch. I'm not sitting there even if Lew asks me to. Might as well do this by yourself because I'm not helping you." Landon grabbed his head phones and started listening to music.

"Asshole." See, we've never had a conversation without him saying bitch to me or me calling him an asshole.

After school, I headed over the beauty salon to talk to one of my good friend that works there, Mirna. She graduated college already and she cuts my hair whenever I need a haircut for free. We met during a party my parents held. Their family is also our family friends. They only have one kid though which was Mirna. We've known each other for a long time, almost as long as I've known Lew. Lew also knows her too but he's not as close to her as I am.

I walked through the entrance of the salon and saw her highlighting someone's hair. I walked to the seat next to her and sat down.

"Hey Sur! How was the first day of being a senior?" She asked nicely while trying to wrap the person's hair with aluminum foil.

"You know the typical stuff. Going to your classes, saying hi to your friends, and relearning the rules and expectations for some classes." I responded.

"So how's Lew? I haven't talked to that little punk in a while."

"Eh he's doing fine."

"Is he still with that Alexa chick?"

"Yup." I emphasized my "P".

"Do you like him? I mean you guys are like best friends. You can't stay in the friend zone forever. Oh and have you seen Friend Zone?" She took her highlighting brush and dipped it in a golden paste.

"No and no. We're just friends, that's all. I don't really want to be in a relationship right now. I'm focusing on finishing this year with a 32 on the ACT's. Plus, I'm too ugly for him anyways. Oh and yeah, I don't like him."

"Well don't come crawling to me if you start liking him." She turned to me and smiled.

"Trust me I won't. I don't crawl for things."

"Ok. Whatever you say Syrena."

Later that night, around six, I drove back home. I grabbed my backpack and walked to the kitchen to eat a piece of white macadamia cookie, my favorite. Then I walked up the stairs into my huge room and lied down on my hammock. I grabbed my book and began to read. I was at the part when Jamie was telling Landon that she had leukemia. I started to tear up and then my phone rang. I tried reaching the phone on the table but instead I fell off the hammock. I looked at my IPhone and it was Lew that was calling. I picked up and answered.

"Hello." I said.

"Hey Sur. So I was wondering if it would be okay if Alexa can watch the movie with us Saturday night." My eyes froze and I went silent for a minute. Me, Lew, and Alexa watching A Walk to Remember at his house on Saturday night. That's not going to turn out so good.



"Is it okay?"

"You know what Lew, go on and watch the movie without me. I got some major studying to do Saturday night and I've got to clean. My parents told me and anyways, I got loads of homework to do so I'll talk to you later. Kay bye."

"Wait Syrena."


"Nevermind. See you tomorrow. Good night." Then he hung up the phone.

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