"Rune, give me that back!" I said, running after my twin brother, who was holding out my journal and taunting me with it.

He laughed and said, "Mya, what it in here that is so important? You carry it around with you as if it carries you soul or something like that. What are you going to fall unconscious and die if you don't have it next to you?"

"Yes! Now give me that back!" I said. I catch it for a second before it is yanked out of my grip again.

He shook his head, grinning and said, "Tell me what's in this."

I stop for a moment and sigh in defeat. "Will you give it back if I tell?"

He nodded and I said, "It holds my thoughts, my feelings and my stories."

He laughed and said, "Is that it? Wait, are you still writing stories about fairies, giants and genies?"

My face turned bright red and I murmured, "They are called Djinn. Not genies." And then louder I said, "Yes! Now give it back! You promised!"

He grinned and tossed me the notebook back. I caught it and cradled it close to my chest.

Rune ruffled my hair and then said, "You have your book back, shouldn't we be going now?"

I looked up at him, startled, "I don't see why you want me to go. You know I will just make things weird for everyone."

His amber colored eyes lit up and he said, "You are my baby sister Mya. You are going to be fine. Besides what kind of brother would I be if I let my baby sister stay home and read the weekend away on her birthday?"

I grinned widely and said, "The best big brother?"

He shook his head and said, "You are coming, Mya. I already told everyone that my baby sister was coming."

"Stop calling me your baby sister! I am an hour younger than you." We were twins, but we celebrated our birthdays on different days. That one hour made my birthday on a different day than his. His birthday is June 20 and mine is June 21. We look nearly identical. We both had amber eyes, light mocha colored skin and dark brown hair. The only difference was height and well, I look like a girl and he doesn't.

We looked the same, but we were completely different. I was happy wearing baggy shirts and pony tails where he spent hours getting ready. He played sports and was popular; in essence he was the nice guy who everyone loves. I, however, was his dorky sister who hid in the shadows. I was happy there though. But Rune wasn't. He wanted me to be a part of his circle and to talk to his friends. He wanted me to talk to the ditzy cheerleaders and be a normal teenage girl with them. And that is why we were fighting tonight. He wanted me to go to with him to party with the idiots.

"I am not going, Rune." I said, walking toward my room to hide until they left.

I heard a distinct knocking.

"Mya." I could hear the warning in Rune's voice. I turned to him and he said, "Don't make a scene. You are going."

I look out the window to the crowded truck and then back to my brother. I stuck my tongue out at him and started climbing the stairs to my room.

I heard Rune sigh heavily. The next second I was picked up and tossed outside. I crashed to the ground and looked up in dread. Jude, Alexis, Josh and Kayla were all staring at me. I silently counted their numbers. Kayla was dating my brother, and Alexis and Jude were dating. Why was Josh here?

Rune stepped out of our house and walked out. Kayla was immediately glued to his side. Josh helped me get off of the ground and I dusted myself off and muttered under my breath, "What are we doing?"

Kayla glared at me and then looked longingly at my brother, trying her best puppy dog eyes. It was so bad I almost laughed. She said, "Rune, Mya doesn't want to be here. You should let her stay home like she wants. Besides she will just bring us all down."

Rune stepped away from her and said, "She is coming, Kayla, and you will be nice to her. I won't accept anything else."

Kayla's face fell dramatically into disbelief. She sputtered as he walked toward me and helped me into the truck. It might be worth it to see Kayla confused.

We drove off to some football player's house and the entire place was crowded and loud. The clock rang off twelve times. Midnight. Happy birthday to me.

Rune turned to Josh and said, "Make sure she is safe."

I gapped at Rune; there was no way he dragged me here just to leave me to fend for myself. He knew how much I hated these things! Josh smiled at me and I wondered why off all people I was stuck with him. He was one of the more piggish looking of the group. He had greasy black hair and bushy eyebrows. He had marble like brown eyes.

"Mya, I know you would like to be somewhere else, but why not make the best of the night?" He asked. I could almost feel the slime of his breath. I smiled at him anyways; maybe he wasn't as bad as I had heard.

I nodded and we walked into the entry way.

He said, "I'm going to get us something to drink. I will be right back."

"Can you get me a soda?" I asked timidly and he nodded.

He came back quickly and handed me a soda. When I took the drink from his hand the drink began to glow orange. I looked around but no one else seemed to notice.

I saw Josh looking to me expectantly and I smiled sheepishly at him and raised the cup up to my mouth. I yanked m hand down quickly and said, "There is a fly in my drink. I'm going to go get another one."

Josh yelled, "No! I'll get you one."

He was surprisingly mad at the fly. I smiled at him to reassure him, "no, don't worry, it will be fine. I'll be right back."

I left and went outside looking at the glowing drink.

"I'm sure its fine." I whispered to myself, "I mean, why would it not be?"

I cautiously lifted the drink up to my lips when a blurred black shape knocked it out of my hands and spilled it all over the ground.

I saw that the shape was a stray cat. I scowled at the cat and it looked up at me in defiance and lapped at the spilled drink once. Almost immidiatly the cat took a tipsy step. Then it collapsed to the ground, unable to move.

The cat, it saved me. What was in that drink?

I picked up the cat and ran back inside, looking for my brother. Surely he would know what to do .

I found him in a room, with Kayla. She was only wearing her underwear. They were making out and she had a condom in her hand. I shut the door as quickly as I could.

I couldn't process it. My brother… Ew.

I turned around and saw Josh charging toward me and I panicked. I knocked on the door and called out, "Rune! Rune, I need you. Josh-"

The door slammed open reveling a very angry Rune. He yelled out, "Mya, you are annoying! Go away! No matter what it is I am positive it is not worth disturbing me."


"No! You're being a pest, Mya! Just leave!"

My heart shattered a little bit. He was…he was supposed to at least listen, right? I turned around and saw Josh, his eyes blazing red and he began to walk faster. I looked over to my brother, and said, "I-I hope this is what you want. Happy Birthday, Rune." My voice broke on the last words. Tears burned in my eyes as I ran out of the room and felt myself tremble in fear. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Josh was right on my tail. I ran out of the house and down the street. All I knew was that Josh probably wished me harm.

I ran out of the house down the street. Josh came running right after me and started yelling my name. Terror washed through me and I ran faster, but not fast enough. He grabbed my arm and pulled me around, so fast that I almost dropped the cat in my other arm.

His face was fearsome, "You'll ruin me!"

I gently dropped the cat onto the ground, trying to put it in safety. Josh pushed me aside, and kicked it. He missed. He spun to me in anger and grabbed my arm. Immediately he dropped it and screamed.

He fell to the ground shaking and trembling. I carefully picked up my cat and breathed a sigh of relief that it was still breathing.

A voice came from the darkness behind me and I spun around, ready to run for my life again.

"He should not mess with a defenseless female." There were two men, one who was about 5 foot seven with jet black hair and sharp emerald eyes. His ears were covered with gold piercings and he wore a grin. The other one, following behind the first with his hands behind his back had a distinctive bodyguard feel. The second one was over six foot with short brown hair and sunglasses and a suit.

I couldn't tell which one spoke.

The leader stepped forward and said, "But he did not know who he was facing."

"What do you mean?" I asked cautiously.

The mans faced looked confused and the bodyguard cracked a smile.

The man walked closer and said, "Where is your companion? Why are you alone?"

"What do you mean? I walk by myself often."

The man gasped and said, "Your father or brother doesn't accompany you?"

"No, why should they?"

"Why do they neglect their duty? I demand to see them. Call them here."

I checked my pockets and said, "I left my phone in the car…"

The bodyguard murmured something to the man and the man nodded.

The man said, "We will be in touch. Until then, farewell."

In a soft poof of smoke, they vanished. I looked down at the cat and said, "Did I accidently drink some too?"

I looked around and said to the cat, "Now where is the nearest vet?"