A dull droplet slid down her gentle cheek. It was a busy day; the shelter facing the road was crowded, leaving no room for her. Her eyelids sulked and her delicate pupils faced the ground. A fine red ribbon adorned upon her white shirt sagged under the weight of the stream that came from her face.

The roaring engine thundered over to the shelter, dying into silence as the small shelter allowed a pebble more space; yet not enough for the girl who stood out on her own. Breathing back life, the metrolistic bus carried on, revealing behind it his black umbrella. For a moment, a look of surprise painted his face but soon subsided to a warm smile.

She was chilled to the bone, yet soon she found the grey clouds no longer pelted onto her; and she looked upon him, their clothes almost matching. A small stretch of red raced across her face, and she murmured a small "Thank you" in a gentle, shivering voice.

As though the world seemed to fade into grey around them, the boy and the girl continued to wait, under a single black umbrella, at a school bus stop.