Patrick's finger trembled on the trigger of the shotgun. Jess kept a macabre look on her face and still held the knife against her throat. "Kill me or let me live. Either way I'm going to experience hell so I don't care, it's what your brother would have wanted." She said in a cold monotone voice. Tippi dropped her guns to the floor, each submachine gun rattled emptily; she walked over to Ryan and hugged his arm tight, she attempted to hide her face but Scott could see the fear in her eyes. Ryan bit his lip in anticipation and put his arm around Tippi, she rested her head against his shoulder.

Jess carefully traced the knife along her throat and a thin trickle of blood fell down her chest. Patrick closed his eyes and released his grip of the shotgun. The gun, the very same gun that had murdered one of the Nelson brothers, fell to the floor and shot in a random place. Suddenly the shotgun shells pepper sprayed into a nearby car and the alarm went off, the alarm wailed through the streets and echoed deafeningly.

Patrick turned around in shock and heard a roar that was followed by scratching and scuttling. Horror was etched onto Patrick's face; he turned and watched as the others ran into the van. Declan was at the wheel already and the rest were kitted up inside, the only person not inside the van was Jess and she just stood in front of Patrick. Jess ignored the moaning wails of the zombies and held her hand out to Patrick yet again; she kept her cold neutral look and spoke delicately. "You can either join us or fare against the zombies." She said with no emotion. Patrick looked to the floor and then behind him, obviously the logical idea would be to go to safety but he couldn't be with his brother's killer... it was easier to fare against the zombies.

"I know this isn't smart or tactical... but I'm staying with the zombies. I can't be near the person that killed my brother or I might actually end up killing you for real." He said in spite. Jess nodded in understanding and threw Patrick a small handgun she had kept in her pocket followed by a combat knife. "This should be enough to survive for a while; you still have that shotgun so look for safe cover and if you find survivors then make sure you keep them safe and close." Jess said regretfully. Patrick held the gun in puzzlement and thought where it came from. If the gun came from Jess' pocket then couldn't she just have shot Patrick when she was held at gunpoint? Maybe she was going to...

Jess clambered back into the van and looked at Patrick one last time. A tear slowly streaked down her cheek but she wiped it away before anyone could see. She picked up her trusty shotgun and an axe. Scott looked outside the van and nearly shouted in protest of Patrick's decision but he could understand why he didn't want to tag along with a murder. Scott poked his head out of the back of the van and shouted a goodbye. Patrick wore a mournful look and turned around to face the oncoming horde. Scott slumped back into the van and looked at Ryan to see if he was sorrowful too. Ryan was rummaging in his L schoolbag looking desperately for something and sweating in panic.

Scott leaned forward in inquiry and heard the clink of glass. Ryan pulled out four bottles of blue WKD and passed three of them around. Tippi fumbled with the top of her bottle, Jess merely put it next to her side and Scott held it awkwardly in one hand. Ryan broke the top off his bottle with a combat knife and done the same for Tippi's. Scott let his bottle roll across the van floor in discontent. Ryan chugged down the drink like a quenched puppy, each drop ignited his body with delight and made his thirst die down.

Tippi sipped her drink plentifully and giggled slightly. Scott's bottle rolled out of the van and smashed loudly, the blue liquid smeared across the road and glass twinkled in the afternoon sun. Ryan sat back and smacked his lips; he threw his empty bottle outside the van as well and watched as it hit a small crawling zombie. Tippi closed the van doors as she noticed an oncoming horde in the midst. Ryan pulled out another bottle and began to open the top. Scott raised his pistol and shot at the bottle before the alcohol could touch his tongue.

Ryan moved back in shock and narrowly dodged a sharp piece of glass. He yelped and shouted in protest. "If you want to waste your life by drinking and acting like an idiot then you don't deserve to live. You can drink all you want with the zombies but let's value our lives and not drink on the job." Scott said coldly.

Ryan stared as the blue WKD trickled across the van floor. He did like the drink very much and revelled in a cold bottle on the weekends but he wouldn't let go of his honour and lap the alcohol up like a dog. Ryan slumped back into his seat and gave a small angry pout. Tippi cuddled into Ryan's arm and moved her head under his chest; Jess smiled as she saw the two and kicked Tippi's leg gently. Tippi backed away and blushed; she would have looked cute if not for the submachine gun resting in her hands.

The interior of the van was equipped with a bag of ammo clips and only seven combat knives left on the wall that rattled gently. Three sniper rifles were left with ones scope being badly damaged, eleven handguns, two assault rifles (Scott and Ryan's), four shotguns, three submachine guns and one light machine gun (used for emergencies). Declan was equipped with a shotgun, a pistol and a small knife. Tippi held a submachine gun with dual knives. Ryan had an assault rifle and a pistol. Jess had a shotgun coupled with a combat knife and Scott had an assault rifle with dual pistols and a combat knife.

Slowly the van turned down the road and tumbled up Deveraux Drive. Houses looked decrepit and abandoned, the resident's blood and guts flowed through the gutters and screams could be heard with faint moaning. This living horror was viewed by Declan as the others could not see outside. Zombies stalked down the roads and Declan noticed Scott's house not too far away and pressed his foot down on the accelerator lurching the van forward. Ryan fell to the right and Tippi was dragged off to the left, Jess sat stilly and raised her head slightly in a disheartened interest. Scott stood up and hung his rifle across his shoulder, his fingers coiled around his pistol slightly. "Declan! It's number 48 okay!" He shouted. Declan spun the wheel violently to the right to hit a group of zombies. Declan cocked his head back and shouted. "Yeah okay! I think I just went past 64 so won't be long now!"

Declan drove the van further and still continued to smash open undead bodies with his heaving automobile. Blood sprayed along the van sides and Declan turned the van with ease and grace. Weirdly there was no special infected, no spitters, jumpers, exploders, hiders and it wasn't unnatural but there were no brutes. Declan found this strange, he obviously didn't want to be attacked by five spitters but he found it all too easy just killing Walkers. He didn't like it, he didn't like it one little bit.

The van turned around again violently and smashed into a zombie's face, Declan laughed in grim humour as he saw the brain get stuck to the car grill. Scott's house was just ahead but he couldn't leave the van in the road, it would be too easy to be blocked in the streets. Declan rammed the van onto the pavement and drove right next to Scott's front gate, the van rocked gently and tremored.

Ryan kicked the back doors open with force (sending a small crawling zombie up against the wall in a bloodied mess) and climbed over Scott's wall. Tippi followed after Ryan and was helped up by Scott. Scott looked behind him and saw a depressed Jessica Carney. Jess walked in a slow shamble with her shotgun at her side, she looked to the floor and her eyes looked darker than usual. Scott walked to Jess' side and walked her over to the wall; she lay lazily against the wall. "Jess, I understand that you are all post mortem about killing Jared but right now we need you, I need you." Scott said in dire need. Jess opened her mouth slowly. "What is the point in life? I saw no reason to live before and I think the zombies have a better life than me. Sure they are tormented lost souls but I can be as well... everyone dies anyway so why not die with other lost souls?" She said in a grim tone.

Scott gritted his teeth and his patience waned. "So... I'm guessing you won't come and help me?" He asked. Jess shook her head lazily. "Fine! Here, take a gun." Scott sighed and placed Jess' pistol in her hands. Jess called off to Scott as he walked away. "I'll guard the van with Declan yeah?" She said. "Yeah fine whatever!" He replied. Declan got out of the driver's seat and tapped Scott's shoulder. "She's gone all Edgar Allen Poe. Just keep her busy until she is happy again... it may be nevermore." Scott said breathily. Declan looked at him in confusion. "Nevermore?" He asked. Scott opened his mouth to explain before rushing off in annoyance.

Ryan stood in the hallway of Scott's house. To his left was a set of stairs and to his right was the front room, the kitchen and the back room. Scott walked up to Ryan and Tippi, hugging Tippi tightly and causing her to nearly scream. Scott laughed and she ruffled his hair (Scott found this annoying). Scott smiled slightly and faced Ryan. "So, I say we go in the back room. My mom usually stays in there and Caitlin would too. On the first sign that either of them is infected I want you to shoot okay?" He asked. An icy silence fell across the trio and Scott spoke again. "Look... I love my family and I don't want them to suffer as zombies. So either you kill them or I kill you, this is the horrid reality of the zombie apocalypse... you can't save everyone you love." Scott hung his head. Tippi looked to the floor and Ryan nodded his head in agreement.

Scott led them into the back room, they waited outside the door and Scott could smell faint burning. A gurgle and a slurp was heard from the inside coupled with a slow submissive moan. Scott's eyes widened with panic and he burst through the door. His sister Caitlin lay in the centre of a nightmarish scene. Blood was cascading down from his zombie sister's mouth and flowing from his mother's neck, guts were being pulled slowly out of his mother's stomach and Caitlin gurgled with delight. A repulsed Scott moved back carefully but Caitlin's rotten shambling soul jumped at him

Caitlin attempted to dig her sharp undead nails into Scott's skin but he was lucky enough to have stabbed her in the stomach. The knife penetrated deep, black blood slowly trickled down her rotten body and Caitlin's face twisted slightly in pain. Ryan raised his gun to shoot Caitlin but was knocked back by her kicking feet; Ryan landed on the couch and scrambled to get to his gun. Caitlin tried to claw at Scott but he kept her at arm's length and was fighting her off slowly. Bullets sprayed at the wall behind Scott and his sibling zombie and Ryan messily shot, he could not see properly as his peripheral vision was impaired by the impact of Caitlin's feet. Caitlin turned her rotting head and snarled at Ryan, bloodied brown hair cascaded down her face and her teeth were sharp and long. Ryan moved slightly back in fear and shot at Caitlin's face with his handgun, the bullet hit her directly in the eye and landed with a *squelch*.

Caitlin raised her claws in fury and scrambled half-blind in the air. Ryan attempted to shoot at her again but she dodged each attack, Scott took out his combat knife from Caitlin's chest. Scott held the knife shakily and avoided Caitlin's wild fury; he gripped the knife tighter and plunged it forwards. The knife cut deep along the corner of Caitlin's mouth and up to her ear, she was burdened with a creepy Glasgow smile and she moaned in suffering. Scott plunged the knife forwards again and popped Caitlin's other eye. Caitlin whined in agony and clawed furiously at Scott.

Scott managed to dodge all but two attacks and was scratched on his arm; the cuts were not so visible except the thin trickle of blood that poured out. Scott cursed under his breath and was knocked out of the back room into the hallway. Ryan lay dazed on the couch and rushed off to Scott's aid while Tippi stayed behind with Scott's dying mother.

Scott's mom looked at Tippi with a weak expression. "W-who a-are you?" She asked. Tippi set her gun aside and sat next to her. "I'm Tippi, I'm Scott's friend." She replied. Scott's mom smiled weakly. "You c-came with him in this horrendous attack? Why?" She asked. Tippi looked to the floor and raised her head again. "He's my friend. I don't let my friends die all too easily and we kinda saved each other's lives." Came her answer. Scott's mom smiled again, she hacked up a bit of blood and moaned. "Look a-at me. I'm d-d-dying. Tippi, I-I want you to do something f-for m-m-me." She said but didn't wait for a reply. "I-I w-want you t-to kill me." Scott's mom asked. Tippi lowered her head again and looked at her gun. She knew it was the right thing to do otherwise they'd have another zombie on their hands but... it's a dark feeling having to kill someone you barely know.

Tippi grabbed the submachine gun and nodded her head. "It's an honourable way to die Mrs. Hurst." Tippi said weakly. Scott's mom closed her eyes, blood dripped from her eyelid. "Please, just call me Dawn." She said. Tippi pointed the nozzle of the gun at Dawn's forehead, her finger rested on the trigger and she stared down the iron sights. "Well... here we go...goodbye Dawn." Tippi said slowly. Dawn mouthed the words 'Good bye' and fell silent. Tippi closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. A spray of bullets entered Dawn's head and she was dead before she knew any better, blood poured like a fountain and the bullets shot straight through and hit the wall, it was the first time Tippi met Scott's mum and it was the last as well. The ballistic markings were bloody and defiant; Tippi noticed a lighter in Dawn's front pocket and pocketed it for herself. She then ran out the room to help Ryan and Scott.

Scott managed to push Caitlin up against a wall and drive his knife deep into her ribcage, blood began to pour out onto the blade and handle and the knife was lodged inbetween her ribs. Bone scraped across the blade with a sickening grind and Ryan aimed his gun at Caitlin's head. With a quick fluid motion Ryan slid the bolt to the side of the gun and shot at Caitlin's head. The bullet whistled through the air and Caitlin swirled her head to the left, the bullet struck into the light switch and it fizzled gently. The dim light inside the house faded and Scott made out the shape of a claw in the shadows, the claw swiped at Scott's face and he dodged to the right. The claw cut along the side of his face and left a long scratch.

Meanwhile Declan and Jess sat on top of the van outside, they kicked their legs against the pale white paint and Declan hummed gently. Jess dropped her gun to her right and spoke quietly. "The zombies...they aren't here are they?" She asked. Declan turned around and sat crosslegged on the roof. "Oh, yeah they aren't anywhere to be seen but I'm sure they are still in the area. We just have to wait." He said with a thin smile. Jess' face turned to a look of discomfort and uncertainty.

"Yeah but... it doesn't feel right without them here. It's quiet but too quiet." Her lips parted to speak. Declan chuckled silently. "We are LUCKY they aren't here Jess! I'd rather have peaceful ignorant bliss then be mauled by a deformed rotten shambling undead." He laughed. Jess moved her body slowly and squirmed in her uncomfortable school uniform. "Hmm... I guess."

Scott pushed Caitlin back and went to run to the left. Caitlin pounced on Scott and went to bite his ankles, Ryan shoved a knife into Caitlin's neck and she screamed in agony. The knife only managed to subdue her for a second but it bought valuable time for Scott to stand up and run to the stairs. Caitlin didn't have her sights set on Ryan or Tippi, she was busy hunting Scott.

Tippi ran next to Ryan and emptied the clip on her gun. "W-where is he going?" She asked. Ryan pointed to the stairs "Up there, hurry!" He said. Scott ran quickly up the stairs and Caitlin followed with here claws bore. The claws ripped through the wall and made a support beam smash. The piece of ceiling overhanging the bottom of the stairwell fell to the floor and blocked the path upstairs.

Tippi dragged Ryan back to avoid debris. Ryan fell to the floor and stared straight forward, he couldn't go upstairs.

Scott spun around and saw Caitlin inches away from him. Scott kicked his leg straight up, Caitlin fell back and a couple of teeth fell out. Blood flew in small droplets and pattered onto the floor. Scott went to run to his bedroom and frantically fumbled with the door handle. The door was blocked by something inside and would not open. Scott pushed on the door and heaved but the door did not budge.

Caitlin's body began to stir and she stood up slowly. Scott turned around and dropped his gun in panic. Caitlin's sharp claws and fangs glinted in the pale light. She snarled with hunger and snapped her teeth, her dead eyes shone red momentarily and her leg twitched. Scott paused for a small moment and pushed his dead sister to the floor. She fell only for a second, a second that gave him a golden chance to run. As he turned right, Scott ran down a short hallway that led to the bathroom. He dashed dawn the hallway and closed the sliding bathroom door behind him, it was not made of a sturdy material but it would provide a small distraction so he could regain his senses.

Caitlin shambled along the hallway, lurching with wild hunger.

Ryan and Tippi looked ahead and hoped for Scott's survival.

Declan laughed gleefully.

Jess laid her head on the van and closed her eyes.

Scott began to panic.

Hello. This chapter is unfortunately cut short due to lack of time and ideas.