1919, October 24

Reinhard Fassbinder was sitting in a black, gleaming cab that was heading to the orphanage. Truth be told, he missed the boy. It had been two years since he last saw him. The war was finally over and he was lucky he wasn't shot dead or seriously injured while he was in the line of duty. Heydrich Landa.. His name slid off Reinhard's lips like warm butter that he used to have, carefully placed on a slice of freshly baked bread for breakfast with Mutter and Vater.

He still didn't know what this... strange and abnormal feelings were. Brushing it off, he jolted a little when the cab stopped outside the orphanage. The whitewashed walls, spotted clean windows and the all too familiar scent of lavender came rushing to him. A small amount of guilt began to prick at Reinhard's heart when he remembered that it had been two years since he last met Heydrich Landa and left him here. It soon disappeared when he knocked on the door and the woman, the one that took in Heydrich, opened it and froze for a moment.

"Yes, how may I help you, Sir?" her voice had a tinge of fear.

"Fraulein, I am here to just pick up a boy. One that I left here two years ago. May I come in? The draft out here may turn into a gale any time soon."

The woman stepped aside but the look of fear and suspicion was still etched on her face. He slapped himself mentally for wearing his uniform and walked in. Reinhard was greeted by a sudden hush in the room that was straight ahead of him. Children were rushing up the stairs and they all shared the same look as the stiff woman.

He was brought to a large conference room and the woman beckoned him to take a seat. She wiped her glasses with trembling hands.

He knew, she knew, that he had authority.

She must be thinking, What would a major be doing here in my orphanage?

He chuckled to himself quietly.

"I am Fraulein Zimmer. How may I help you, Major?"

"I am here to pick up a boy. His name is Heydrich Landa. I believe I left him here on the 13th of April."

Fraulein Zimmer snapped her fingers and a dirty little girl, no more than 11 or 13 years old, came into the adjourning room carrying a heavy file. She glanced at him and squeaked, running out as fast as her little feet could carry her.

"Let's see.. Heydrich Landa? Oh.. oh dear."

He was suspicious at her tone and words.

"What is it?"

He could tell she was putting on a brave front and he had a wild idea to burn his uniform and sit in his underwear even if he had to. To make this woman stop being scared. But that was the rule, even after the war was over, no?

"My apologies, Major. It seems that Heydrich Landa was adopted three months ago."

Without him knowing it, Reinhard Fassbinder slammed his fist onto the mahogany table. Fraulein Zimmer gasped and started to dab her forehead and face with a frilly handkerchief. He was quiet. Too quiet, he could hear her unstable breathing due to his sudden action.

"Repeat. That. Again." his voice hardened with each word.

She gulped and said

"Heydrich Landa has been adopted three months ago..."

"BY WHO?!"

Fraulein Zimmer had started to cry and stutter.

"I-I do not know! A man and a-a woman came into the orphanage and chose Landa! I could not stop them, Major!"

To damn with my uniform, she can be scared for all I care, thought Reinhard Fassbinder.

He wasn't here.

Heydrich Landa wasn't here.

If he wasn't here, where was he? He stood up and straightened his hat.

"Thank you for your cooperation Fraulein Zimmer."

He walked out of the conference room and was headed for the door when the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of a few children looking at him from behind a dusty bookcase. They were clean and seemed to be well-fed but they were obviously... terrified.

Reinhard Fassbinder left the orphanage and he looked heavenward. He will find Heydrich Landa.

Munich, Germany

Heydrich Landa sat on a bed, cross legged. It had been, what? Two years since he last saw Herr Fassbinder. Was it weird that he kind of missed the man? The family that had adopted him seemed to be caring and kind... yet it felt strange. He was enrolled in a medical school that was nearby the house he was living in. Heydrich found medical studies a challenge, something that he loved. He had two stepsisters that were his new parents' biological children. They were also oddly nice to him, Erika and Gabriela Zoller. His name was now Heydrich Zoller.

Heydrich walked over to the window pane and surveyed the outside world. Somewhere, somehow, Reinhard Fassbinder was outside there. Hopefully, alive because.. he missed Herr Fassbinder.