Well, it's been quite some time since I've poked in a new work. Apparently, this is a work of poetry I've upped on my FB status profile for public view. In any case of doubt, anybody can ask me my FB user name. ;)

Chant of the Answerer

Wind blaring from winter's horn, an army of denizens I know not of.

Howling for my blood and mine alone, I mock them as beings I fear nothing of.

Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and everything all... every Demon now coming to fore.

I will still see them as violent waves shattering themselves against a laughing rock.

As wayfarers unschooled in terrain of endless plains and most treacherous woods.

Hence beckons my only friend forever gripped, Fragarach...

Thus let the Answerer's blade unleash my unrivalled wrath.

Interesting note: I have always been fascinated by Nasu Kinoko's concept of Thaumaturgy. Simply put, the plan is to incorporate the concept of poetry. Something not dissimilar to what one will get to see via stuff like Archer/Emiya Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works from Fate/stay night.

Final interesting note: I've done a little poetry on Ales' front. Let's see how I can upgrade the said work. After all, I'm still a stereotypical Singaporean. ;)