Victim's POV

Why is it always me,
What is it that they see,
Around me are so many others,
But nobody even bothers,

None of them even care,
They just watch me lying there,
Pretending they don't know,
While I wait for the next blow,

I just wonder when it will end,
When I can finally make a friend ,
I don't know what they think I am,
They can't keep threating me like a lamb,

They threaten me,
I don't know what to be,
I can't tell my brother,
Never my mother,

I don't know what to do,
They only pick on me cause I'm new,
I don't know what to say,
But I only pray,

That they don't hurt me more,
Or show up at my door,
Every night I cry,
But my mother always asks why,

I wish I could call for help,
No one answers to my yelps,
I'll try and tell my mum today,
In a note,
Then I'll run away.

If you give a damn about me writing more poems, probably not but there is a chance somebody decent does, can you please PM me a list of topics you want me to write poems about because the only things I can think of aren't that happy so any topic will do :)