A sorry bully's POV

This is what I don't want to do,
Just to be cool I've done too much to you,
At you we all hiss,
But you do not deserve this,

I wish I could stop, stop them,

Stop them cutting down your stem,

I want you to live,

And me forgive,

Sorry I am,

I made your life a traffic jam,

Before, I didn't even care,

But now I hate watching you lying there,

I don't want you to suffer,

You're getting weaker and we're getting tougher,

When with us you bleed,

Even though you plead,

You hate us for what we are,

But I hate us more by far,

I don't see how you do it,

How do you get through it,

If I don't laugh,

They'd snap me in half,

If I don't help,

They'll make me yelp,

I feel sorry for you,

But I don't know what to do,

I'll try and help today,

Before you run away.

Unless I write another POV this is finished.