The seconds tick away as I stare at the clock. Why can't time go any faster? I can hear my teacher's voice buzzing in the back of my head, but I continue to just wait for summer. Taking a quick glance around, I see everyone waiting for summer.

"Ryder?" I hear a voice whisper. I glance at Ayden, holding a note. "It's from Lane." I sit up a bit at my boyfriend's name. I take the note and slip it into my jean pocket, so Mr. Bailey won't see it.

I close my eyes and begin to sleep when the shrill sound of the bell echoes through the building. Everyone explodes in cheers, all except me cause I'm too frazzled.

I walk out of the classroom, trying to avoid getting run over by others. I somehow manage to get out without footprints everywhere. I pull out the note and glance over it. I feel fire ignite in my blood, and I look around for Lane.

Once I see him, I walk over and shove him. "You're breaking up with me over a note?" I holler, making his friends back up. I push the crumpled note in his face, just to show my disdain.

He shrugs. "I couldn't tell you any other way."

I give him my infamous glare. "You could've been a man and told me face-to-face." I snarl, my hands trembling angrily.

"How 'bout you say sorry, Lane." I see Ayden out of the corner of my eye. He stands at my side, obviously upset with that sorry excuse for a man. "After all, you may be spending the camp out with her."

Lane doesn't say anything, he just marches off followed by his posse. I take a deep breath before hugging my best friend. "Thanks." I murmur against his chest. I let go and smooth out my brown hair. "Now," I say calmly, "when was I going to be consulted about a camp out?" Ayden and I laugh.

"Do you want to go camping for three weeks in the middle of nowhere?" Ayden flourishes a bow, offering his hand like a gentleman.

I chuckle. "Why of course darling." I answer in a high-pitched British accent, placing my hand in his. We burst out laughing again, making people look our way. "I'll have to pack. When are we leaving?" I ask.

"As soon as you're ready." I smile at Ayden before beginning my walk home. I live a block from the school, so it doesn't really take that long. I quietly enter my house, trying not to wake the guard dog.

That didn't work too well. Barks erupt from my bedroom, and behind the door is my favorite birthday present; Canavar, my wolf shepherd. I cautiously enter my room and sit on my bed, and once Canavar sees that it's just me, he calms down and puts his head on my lap, with big eyes saying "sorry".

"We're going on a trip, boy." I say as I pet his head. His tail starts going into a fast wag as he lifts his head into a cocked position. I laugh at his confused face and kiss his nose. I quickly pack Canavar's needs, then collect my own. I latch a black leash to Canavar before texting Ayden that I was ready whenever.

I don't wait too long before a sleek black car drives up to my house. I can see Ayden's silhouette inside, shuffling about. I open the door and order Canavar inside before loading my suitcase in the trunk. I climb in, buckle up, and serve as Canavar's pillow while the driver drives us to the camp grounds.

We ride in awkward silence, both of us just looking out the window. "Thanks for coming, Ryder."

I smile at him. "Hey, what're best friends for?" We hcuckle, then fall back into silence.

It stays that way for a while, before Canavar starts barking wildly at the window. We both look out, and I see yellow glowing eyes, watching us. I turn to Ayden, who's tan skin became pale. "You saw that, right?" He nods, color starting to return.

Canavar stays on edge as we arrive at a beautiful scene. A crystal lake rests in the valley, with a large forest surrounding it. Oak cabins sit in a semi-circle, with other cars parked in front of them.

We pull up to a large cabin, where a handsome couple stand waiting. "Ayden, we're so glad you're safe." The woman says, hugging my BFF as he clammors out of the car. I grab the black leash and climb out as well, not expecting a hug. "Who's this?" The woman looks me over, with either disdain or kindness in her eyes, I can't tell.

Ayden smiles at me. "This is Ryder Black, my friend from school." The man glares at me, like I'm some urchin. "I offered to bring her, father." I relax a bit. His parents, this just got weird in a good way.

I plaster a smile. "I'm very glad to meet you Mr. and Mrs. White." I laugh inside at how our names contradict. "This is Canavar, my guard dog." I snap my fingers, giving him the order to sit. He does as ordered, and I reward him with a nice pet on the head. "I hope you don't mind dogs."

"Dog!" I hear a child cheer, and turn to see a army of little children running to pet Canavar. He growls a bit, worried for me, but I calm him and let the children shower him with affection.

Ayden's mother walks around the kids and gives me a hug. "I'm glad that Ayden's making good friends." She smiles, "you can call me Janice, and on the porch is Paul." I nod, and pull Canavar away from his fan club. "Did you bring your own shelter?" Janice inquires.

"Yes, ma'am." I pull out my tent bag, and she sighs. "I plan on setting it up along side the lake." She nods, and I walk off and begin hammering my tent up.

The little kids stare at the little tent in astonishment. I set up the inside, with a little of Canavar's help, before coming out and sitting by the lake. The children are inside their family's cabins, doing whatever their families do. I hear my name being called, and see Paul standing in the doorway of his family's cabin. I send Canavar into our tent before heeding the call.

He grumbles something quietly to himself. "Ayden wants to know if you'll be joining our families for dinner." He stares down at me with his sharp green eyes.

"If that's alright with the others." I answer, looking down at the ground to avoid his eyes.

"I'll walk her there, father." I look up into Ayden's dull green eyes. He gently takes my hand and guides me to a large building across the lake.

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